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Daiwa Exist Fishing Reels

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Product Description

Daiwa Exist Reels For Sale – Exist 2015 Release

Well it’s here. And yes, jaws are dropping. Of course it’s dripping with class, as you might expect. If a little understated, its styling is profoundly beautiful, possibly because of its understated appearance. There are no garish colours, no sports striping, not a hint of the flashy, showy or brash. It’s the marriage classic lines to futurist vision, where, although you can’t see it, the space age technology is somehow overtly apparent. It doesn’t need to scream at you or strike a pose, it has presence and it ladies and gentlemen is the new Daiwa Exist 2015 release of reels.

The 2015 Daiwa Exist fishing reel has set the standard for the ultimate in spinning reel technology. It doesn’t get better in this class of reel. You might not be able to afford the pinnacle of watch making, jewellery, or sports cars but you can certainly have the best spinning reel available today. Yes, relative to rank and file spinning reels, it’s expensive. Even sitting next to its high end contemporaries, it packs a price. But it’s the best. Expect to pay a premium for the best there is. The Daiwa Exist is designed for the serious tournament angler. Made with the highest quality materials available, each 2015 daiwa Exist is individually constructed.

The Exist fishing reel is imbued with the pinnacle Daiwa’s reel technology. Magseal, as well as Magseal in the ball bearings, Zaion, Silent Oscillation II, Digigear II, Twist Buster II and Rotor Brake. These are all Daiwa innovations you have heard of before, but the 2015 Exist welcomes Automatic Tournament Drag into the fold. ATD is being debuted the 2015 Exist and was designed to remedy the common fault of most drag systems not smooth at the beginning of the drag. ATD starts smoothly at the strike, then in just a fraction of a second it is able to increase to the drag setting that you have pre-set your reel to. Simply put you will experience less line breaks right on the strike. Ingenious, and invaluable.

The Daiwa Exist reel is the Best Spinning reel you can buy. It is available in several models to choose from when ordering. Simply pick which model you would like and treat yourself, get one now from us here at Fishing Tackle Shop and be the envy of all your fishing friends.

Features and Specifications

  • Body Material: Zaion, along with Zaion Air rotor
  • Daiwa’s Mag Seal, rotor and bearings are included
  • Handle: Machine cut aluminium
  • Automatic Tournament Drag (ATD System)
  • Aluminium Air spool
  • Silent Oscillation System
  • Bearings: 12 + 1 roller bearing

Note: Price displayed is for 1 reel only - choose your desired model when ordering from our menu. Images are for display purpose only - there may be some differences between size models

Model Specific Details

Exist 1025

  • Gear Ratio: 4.8:1
  • Line Retrieve Per Crank: 60cm
  • Weight of reel (approx): 165 grams
  • Max Drag output: 2kg
  • Monofilament line capacity: 1kg/100 metres or 1.5kg/150 metres
  • PE Braid Capacity: PE 0.3/90 metres (approx 3lb) or 0.4/75 metres (approx 4lb)

Exist 2003F

  • Gear Ratio: 4.8:1
  • Line Retrieve Per Crank: 64cm
  • Weight of reel (approx): 170 grams
  • Max Drag output: 2kg
  • Monofilament line capacity: 1kg/150 metres or 1.5kg/100 metres
  • PE Braid Capacity: PE 0.3 (approx 3lb) /120metres or 0.4 (approx 4lb/100 metres)

Exist 2508PE

  • Gear Ratio: 4.8:1
  • Line Retrieve Per Crank: 72cm
  • Weight of reel (approx): 195 grams
  • Max Drag output: 7kg
  • Monofilament line capacity: 2.4kg/160 metres or 2.8kg/120 metres
  • PE Braid Capacity: PE 0.8 (approx 8lb) /150m or PE 1 (approx 10lb) /120metres

Exist 2510 RPE-H

  • Gear Ratio: 5.6:1
  • Line Retrieve Per Crank: 84cm
  • Weight of reel (approx): 215 grams
  • Max Drag output: 7kg
  • Monofilament line capacity: 4kg/150 metres or 5.4kg/100 metres
  • PE Braid Capacity: PE 1 (approx 10lb)/200 metres or 1.5 (approx 15lb) /200 metres

Exist 2500

  • Gear Ratio: 4.8:1
  • Line Retrieve Per Crank: 72cm
  • Weight of reel (approx): 195 grams
  • Max Drag output: 7kg
  • Monofilament line capacity: 3.6kg/200 metres or 5.4kg/150 metres
  • PE Braid Capacity: PE1.5 (approx 15lb) / 200 metres

Exist 3012H

  • Gear Ratio: 5.6:1
  • Line Retrieve Per Crank: 95cm
  • Weight of reel (approx): 235 grams
  • Max Drag output: 7kg
  • Monofilament line capacity: 3.6kg/200 metres or 5.4kg/150 metres
  • PE Braid Capacity: 200 metres / PE 1.5 (approx 15lb)

Exist 3000

  • Gear Ratio: 4.8:1
  • Line Retrieve Per Crank: 81cm
  • Line Retrieve Per Crank: 81cm
  • Max Drag output: 7kg
  • Monofilament line capacity: 200m/ 5.4kg or 150m/7.2kg
  • PE Braid Capacity: 240 metres / PE1.5 (approx 15lb)

Fishing Applications and Fishing Rod Selection Guide

Daiwa Exist fishing reels are a top shelf fishing reel, in terms of quality they are right up there. Where you would benefit from using an Exist fishing reel is situations such as angling in estuary systems or lakes for all the common fish species such as Bream and flathead for example or you might fish in further up stream for Australian bass. The smaller Daiwa Exist fishing reels will also be fine for chasing trout in streams, other than that any light finesse fishing situation you can think of will be fine really to use an exist fishing reel. When it comes to the sizes 3000 and 3012 these start getting into the heavier side of things so will be fine for chasing mulloway in the lakes and rives, barramundi, cod, or even out offshore for some light snapper and reef fishing.

For fishing rod recommendation; The sky is the limit really but just a few guides to assist you, the Daiwa Exist 1025 and Exist 2003F reels will be fine for use with say a fishing rod around 6 foot – 7 foot 2 inch with a line rating of around 1-4kg. the Daiwa Exist 2508PE, 2500 or 2510 RPE-H Reel will be suitable for graphite rods again 6ft to 7ft 6inch in lengh with an approx line rating of around 2-6kg and the 3000 and 3012H Exist reels will be fine for 6-7ft 6 inch graphite rods with a line rating around 4-10kg. It is a guide only so it will depend on your personal preferences though if you require a fishing rod and need further advice simply get in touch with us.



  • You get to use the best spinning real on the market produced for daiwa finesse and light weight fishing styles.
  • You will experience fishing like you have never experienced it before with a super smooth operation.
  • Mag Seal assists in keeping the elements out of your reel ensuring you have a reel that stays in tip top shape.
  • Zaion Body provides you with a fishing reel that is light, very strong and also is resistant to corrosion.
  • ATD Tournament drag provided you with an ultra smooth drag.
  • The technology is outstanding, pages could be written on the benefits of owning the new Daiwa Exist fishing reel.

There is little else that can be said to impress on you further, the revelation that is the Daiwa Exist. It is the best of the best. The ultimate. This is, until the next ‘ultimate reel’. Looking at the features of the 2015 Daiwa Exist, it is nigh on impossible to imagine what that might be. In the meantime, treat yourself to the best spinning reel money can buy. Buy a Daiwa Exist.



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