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Daiwa Exist Reels For Sale – Exist 2022 Release

It’s challenging to imagine improvement on perfect. The Daiwa Exist Reel, however, has done just that with the 2022 release. The Exist fishing reel has now had an upgrade and is even better than its predecessor. The upgrade is not just a facelift or a cosmetic touch-up; the 2022 Daiwa Exist Reel for sale now is technologically more advanced. The latest edition to the Exist legend keeps the Exist on top of the spin reel hierarchy and is without peer.

A reel of this pedigree attracts the most discerning of anglers, and they’re demanding a reel that is without compromise. Inclusions and impeccable performance are the drivers of the Exist design, not the price point. The 2022 Daiwa Exist spin reel is aimed at the tournament pro and the spin reel connoisseur.

There are 12 models to choose from, providing some access to near-shore sports fishing action. The 2000 will be a finesse dream in the fresh, pitted against the likes of Trout, Bass and Perch in any setting. For whiting in the weeds, flathead on the banks, and bream from the racks, cast your line with either a 2000 or 2500-model reel.

The emphasis is on a profound lightweight feel, seamless response and unrivalled control from a fishing reel that feels more like an extension of your body than an inanimate object. The Daiwa Exist Reel is engineered to be light yet superlatively strong. The gear mesh is whisper-quiet and velvety smooth while strength and durability have increased.

The larger models open the playing field. Uncompromising strength is met with 10kg of Automatic Tournament Drag, the smoothest, most reliable drag on the market. Now you’re casting for bigger fish. The meter-plus Lizard. The Mulloway, the Barra and the Murray Cod. Cast a large plastic down on the reef for a snapper of a lifetime. No sport will be quite like it, and there is no better reel to take up the challenge.

The 2022 Daiwa Exist reel for sale now sits in rarefied air well above the mere top shelf. Read on for a list of inclusions and technological upgrades.

Features and Specifications

Model Ratio Line Capacity Braid Drag Weight
Exist 2000S-P 4.9:1 PE0.4/200m 5kg 155g
Exist 2500S 5.1:1 PE1/200m 5kg 160g
Exist 2500S-DH 5.1:1 PE1.5/200m 5kg 170g
Exist 2000D-P (G) 4.9:1 PE1/300m 5kg 155g
Exist 2500 (G) 5.1:1 PE1.5/200m 5kg 165g
Exist 2500-XH (G) 6.2:1 PE2/200m 5kg 165g
Exist 2500D (G) 5.2:1 PE2.5/300m 10kg 175g
Exist 3000D (G) 5.2:1 PE2/300m 10kg 180g
Exist 4000D (G) 5.2:1 PE1/300m 10kg 205g
Exist 4000-XH (G) 6.2:1 PE1/200m 10kg 205g
Exist 5000D-C (G) 5.2:1 PE1/300m 10kg 210g
Exist 5000D-CXH (G) 6.2:1 PE1/300m 10kg 210g
  • 12+1 Ball bearing system
  • Tough Digigear
  • Monocoque Body
  • Mag Seal
  • Mag Sealed Line Roller
  • Magseal Bearings
  • Airdrive Design
  • ATD – Automatic Tournament Drag (Type-L)

Note: Price is for 1 reel only. Multiple images just for illustration and differences will occur between model options. Choose the size you require when ordering. Please be aware that any of the reviews on our listing prior to 2022 are for the older model.

Please also note that due to the limited market and highly specialist nature, we only specially order this reel once you make your order with us online. Please allow an approximate 4-14 day dispatch delay.

Fishing Applications and Fishing Rod Selection Guide

Daiwa Exist fishing reels are the cream of the crop; they're top-shelf in terms of quality. When you need an Exist reel, reach for it in situations such as angling in estuary systems or lakes for all the common fish species such as bream and flathead, or when fishing further upstream for Australian bass.

The 2000 and 2500 Exist sizes are perfect if you need a reel for any type of light fishing. However, a 3000, 4000 or 5000 will be able to handle everything from catching mulloway, barra or cod in lakes and rivers through to offshore reef locations with some excellent snapper populations!

The sky is the limit when choosing your fishing rod to match a Daiwa Exist Fishing Reel. Many guides out there will help you make this decision, but we're happy to provide you with a few pointers: The Daiwa Exist 2000 reel can hold up a rod with line ratings for 1-4kg. The Exists 2500 (or 3000) work well with many inshore rods rated to 5kg. Finally, for heavier workloads, the 4000 or 5000 pair well to rods placed 5-6kg+


  • The Monocoque body is a one-piece magnesium body that provides unrivalled strength and rigidity, improving gear strength and reliability with better performance and handling overall.
  • The line roller, drive gear and pinion are Magsealed. The elements are kept out, ensuring extended reel life and peak performance in harsh conditions.
  • Tough Digigear is the progression from Digigear II. It is now 50% stronger due to a size increase in main gear and gear teeth.
  • Airdrive Design is a new concept in Daiwa fishing reel design, providing better reel balance, rotation and fewer line troubles, resulting in better casting and reduced chance of wind knots.
  • Daiwa's Automatic Tournament Drag system is Daiwa's most powerful drag yet, providing a smooth consistent drag pressure when you need it the most. However, the new 22 Exist goes one step further by including Type-L ATD. Type L offers an even smoother drag start-up and increased drag power during the fight compared to standard ATD.

The Daiwa Exist Reels 2022 release sets the benchmark in small to medium spin reel design and performance. The Exist has no peer, and it's Daiwa's flagship technology combined into a fishing reel masterpiece.


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