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Mason Single Strand Wire Chrome Nickel Alloy

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Mason Single Strand Wire Chrome Nickel Alloy

After 4 passes over your favourite reef you've been bitten off three times. You've lost some seriously expensive lures, and now some poor fish have got a mouth full of trebles; A situation that really should be avoided.

Now you realise that there's Spaniards, Wahoo or both in the troll zone, it's past time to ditch your mono leader and get serious. Mason Single Strand Wire with Chrome Nickel Alloy coating is the perfect solution for performance, reliability and super angry speedsters with very nasty teeth.

Available and sold in 30-foot coils, Mason Single strand Chrome Nickel Alloy Wire is an excellent choice for any application where serious teeth are involved.

Clearly, trolling for Spaniards and Wahoo without wire is a fool';s game. You're in no better position if your wire kinks and corrodes easily. Mason Single Strand Wire with Chrome Nickel Alloy coating laughs at oxidation, thumbs its nose at kinks and will quickly forget it was delivered in a coil once rigged; pre-straightened stainless steel guarantees it.

Many an angler will try to convince you that multi-strand is a safer option. While there's a strong argument here, it's probably an argument for shark anglers. The benefit of single strand is that evidence suggests single strand delivers a higher catch rate.

The likes of Wahoo and Mackerel are prize catches for the trolling blue water angler. It's worth nothing, that while you're fishing for snapper and their reef dwelling mates, species like Leather Jacket can put a huge dampener on the session. Don't let them wreck the day, make sure you have a coil or three of Mason Single Strand Wire Chrome Nickel Alloy coated to combat the teeth. You'll be very glad you chose the best.

Features and Specifications

  • Pre-straightened Stainless Steel
  • Specialised chrome nickel alloy coating
  • Kink resistant
  • Sold in convenient 30ft coils
  • Ideal for making rigs for mackerel, spanyards, wahoo and other toothy fish.
  • Choose from either 44lb/0.014in, 69lb/0.018in, 105lb/0.022in or 124lb/0.024in

Note: Price is for 1 coil only. Choose size required when ordering from our menu.


  • Angry critters with large sharp teeth won't get the better of you.
  • Gives you the edge when up against big fast, toothy fish that have a complete disregard for mono and fluorocarbon leaders.
  • The 30-foot coils deliver value for money, providing plenty of leaders in the one pack.
  • Kink resistance and corrosion resistance delivers performance and durability.
  • Pre-straightened stainless ensures any memory from the coil is quickly wiped when rigged.

Mason Single Strand Wire Chrome Nickel Alloy is a great value trace for preventing heartbreaking bite-offs. Wahoo, Spaniards, some sharks, Barracuda and even Leather Jacket could care less about your mono. Get Mason Single Strand Wire Chrome Nickel Alloy and beat the teeth.


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