Keitech Swing Impact Fat Lures

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$13.95 - $18.95
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Keitech Swing Impact Fat Lures For Sale

The Keitech Fat impact is a proven fishing weapon in the fresh and the salt getting great results on whatever fish you toss it past.

Constructed with advanced plastics, the Keitech Swing Impact Fat Lures come perfectly balanced and designed to maintain its exceptional swimming action at any speed or depth.

With most models of Keitech, they come with squid scent and salt impregnation which is irresistible for the fish.

The body length ribbing has a considerable surface area, so there is much more efficient distribution of scent, therefore attracting more interest from hungry fishy predators. What’s more, they love the smell so much; they’ll hang on to the fishing lures for longer on strike ensuring a better hook-up percentage.

The Fat Impact is a must have for the angler that tackles all sorts of fish in any number of locations in the fresh and the salt. Pick a selection now and put them in your trolley. Your soft plastics arsenal will be left wanting unless you have a range of Keitech Swing Impact Fat Lure colours and sizes to deploy wherever you decide to wet a line.

Features and Specifications

  • Type: Soft plastic
  • Scent: Squid
  • Depths: All
  • Tail: Paddle
  • Rigs: Can be rigged in multiple fashions
  • Remarkable swimming action at any retrieve speed
  • Perfectly balanced - Never rolls over

Qty in a pack

2.8 Inch – 8 Lures (Recommended hook/jig head size 1/0)

4.8 Inch – 5 Lures (Recommended hook/jig head size 3/0 or 4/0)

6.8 Inch – 3 Lures (Recommended hook/jig head size 7/0 or 8/0)

Note: Price is for one packet of Fat Swim Impact Lures only. Prices can vary depending on the size you order. Multiple images are for illustration only.

Keitech Swing Impact Fat Lure Buying Guide

The Keitech Swing Impact Fat Lures for sale now is a premium plastic fishing lure that has proven deadly in many locations and situations. The Fat Impact can be rigged in any number of ways from weedless to weighted, to heavily weighted, always maintaining it’s attractive swimming action, whether ripped through the water or gently retrieved.

We stock a few sizes in a multitude of deadly colours. The 2.8 inch is ideal for targeting Bass, yellowbelly or redfin Perch, Bream, Flathead and other lighter class fish.

The 4.8-inch size model is perfect for a larger class of Flathead and a killer up against snapper, Barra, Murray Cod, Fingermark and larger Mangrove Jack.

The 6.8 inch is a definite special for a much larger class of Murray Cod and Barramundi. It will also work brilliantly up against reef dwellers and pelagic species like tuna outside the heads. Remember, it works at any speed, so feel free to crank it hard to attract the surface feeding rockets like Kingfish.


  • The ability to able to work it at any pace or any depth while maintaining perfect action increases your access to a variety of species.
  • Rigging the Keitech Swing Impact Fat Lures can be achieved in several ways from heavier weights for deeper work to weightless and weedless
  • Ribbing along the entire body increases surface area for scent dispersion and creates an attractive vibration for drawing attention.
  • Given its versatility, the Fat Impact can deploy in the salt and the fresh from remote river systems to outside the heads, against a countless variety of fish species.

The Keitech Swing Impact Fat Lures, with its body length ribs, irresistible scent and paddle tail is a highly valuable utility for multiple fishing applications. With an outstanding size and colour range, there’s a selection of Fat Impact lures that will be perfect for your use wherever you fish it.


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