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Hurricane Fat 37 Lure

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Hurricane FAT 37 Lure

Bream Pro anglers love cranks. The Hurricane FAT 37 Lure has its true niche in the Bream fishing circuit across Australia. This is great news for you. If the tournament anglers are clipping on Hurricane FAT 37 Lures for a competitive advantage, you should be tossing them as well, particularly if you’re hunting a better class of catch.

While a Bream special, the Hurricane FAT 37 Lure entices plenty of interest from the aggressive, predatory Australian Bass. Trout in the dams and impoundments will attack them aggressively also, but the big hint here is to cast them at whatever.

Structure is the key. It might sound obvious, but weed beds, mud flats, rocky banks, oyster racks and natural snags, will hold a various species. Toss a FAT 37 in and expect anything. The beauty of the FAT 37 fishing lure is that it turns disinterest to interest, a timid bite to an aggressive attack with serious intent.

Beautifully constructed, the Hurricane FAT 37 Lure will cast a mile on light kit, increasing your chances of locating the strike zone. Worked with a slow roll, twitch n Pause or darting action, a sluggish bite can turn quickly into a purple patch. Tuned to run at a depth of just under the metre, it will have a natural slow float in the saltwater and suspend in the freshwater.

Fitted with BKK hooks, strikes turn into hook ups and hook-ups to battles. Your FAT 37 is sure to last many busy sessions.

Hurricane FAT 37 Lure for sale now, represents a sure path to bulging live wells. Buy one or a selection now and lead with the big guns.

Features and Specifications

  • Length: 37mm  
  • Weight: 4.4g      
  • Depth: 0.8m      
  • Buoyancy: natural slow float in the salt and suspend in the fresh              
  • Hooks: BKK        
  • Action: Fast, tight wide action

Note: Model is Hurricane Fat 37 (No you don’t get 37 lures!) Price is for 1 single lure only. Please choose the colour you require when ordering. Multiple images are for illustration only.

Hurricane Fat 37 Lure Buyer’s Guide

Ideal for freshwater or saltwater fishing the Fat 37 diver lure is suitable for those anglers that fish in lakes, rivers, dams and bays. Species of target will be bream, Aussie bass, trout, perch, flathead on the shallows and a list of various other species.

Whist each colour commands its own space in any tackle box and we suggest purchasing a variety if you can. However, if your budget does not command purchasing a range the two most popular colours to consider are camo crab and black flash. Black flash is more of a matt black finish which for some reason or another has been one of the biggest selling colours across all bream lure brands.


  • The lure is capable of variable retrieve options for picking the mood and matching the terrain.
  • Perfect for casting long and wide on light line class to increase the search area.
  • Proven by the pros as a Bream tournament special.
  • Ideal for a range of insure species, fresh and saltwater.
  • BKK hooks ensure longevity and secure hook-ups.

I you want to fish like a pro you need to use their kit. The Hurricane FAT 37 Lure for sale now is a special under tournament conditions. It will work just as well for you wherever you fish it. Grab a colour or three now.


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