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Glowbite Grumpy Fish Lures - Offshore Jigging

Get ready to ignite the voraciousness of fish with the incredible Glowbite Grumpy Fish Lures! These meticulously crafted offshore jigging lures are masterfully engineered to entice even the most stubborn of fish to take a bite.

Glowbite Grumpy Fish Lures are designed to entice fish into a lively battle. Although various Kabura-style jigs are available, Glowbite New Zealand has created a lure surpassing the offshore jigging competition.

One distinctive feature of this lure is its illuminating flashing light that activates upon contact with water. The underlying concept is that as the light flickers in the depths, it replicates the shimmering reflections of an injured or distressed bait fish, captivating predators and making the lure highly enticing. An added advantage is that if the fish are uninterested in feeding, it may provoke their ire and entice them to strike! Thus giving the Glowbite Grumpy fish jig lure its well-deserved name.

The advantages of the product go beyond just the flashing light. It also includes other remarkable features, such as a fish attractant dispenser, allowing you to apply your preferred fishing attractant scent. It also comes with dinner bells, which are rattles emitting sound and vibration, and twin rubber tails that provide exceptional action.

The Glowbite Grumpy Fish Lure appeals to a wide range of fish species by acting as an advanced tool that combines visual and auditory stimulation. Glowbite Grumpy Fish Lures are made with high-quality materials that ensure durability in the most demanding saltwater ocean conditions.

Features and Specifications

  • Available in either 60 grams, 80 grams, 100 grams or 140 grams
  • Kabura style Jig
  • Ideal for ocean fishing/reefs
  • Flashing light in eyes (water activated)
  • fish attractant dispenser chamber
  • Dinner bell rattles
  • comes with assist hooks built using owner-brand fish hooks
  • Saltwater fishing lure

Note: Please be aware that the multiple images displayed are solely for illustrative purposes. The indicated price pertains to a single Grumpy fish lure, and the pricing will fluctuate depending on the size you opt to acquire.

Where Can I Use Glowbite Grumpy Fish Lures?

The Glowbite Grumpy Fish Lures are specially crafted for offshore jigging, making them perfect for deep-sea fishing and targeting various species, including kingfish, john dory, snapper, morwong, and other reef-dwelling fish. They can also prove effective in shallower water environments such as reefs and rocky areas.

Why is a flashing light included in Glowbite Grumpy Fish Lures?

The flashing light in Glowbite Grumpy Fish Lures isn't just for looks, it actually plays a crucial role in luring fish. When you drop the lure into the water, the light imitates the shimmer of injured or distressed baitfish, making it irresistible to hungry predators. And even if the fish aren't actively feeding, the flashing light still grabs their attention. Pretty cool, right?

The flashing light feature also makes Grumpy fish perfect for night fishing or low-light conditions.

What Sizes are Available for Glowbite Grumpy Fish Lures?

The Glowbite Grumpy Fish Lures are designed to cater to various fishing needs and are available in several sizes. You can choose from 60 grams, 80 grams, 100 grams, or 140 grams based on your specific requirements.

For inshore and shallow water jigging, the lighter 60 and 80-gram lures are perfect, while the heavier 100 and 140-gram lures work well for deep-sea fishing. When selecting a size, it's always essential to consider water depth, current strength, and target fish species.

Don't Forget the Fish Attractant Dispenser Chamber! The Glowbite Grumpy Fish Lure also comes with a fish attractant dispenser chamber, allowing you to add your preferred fishing scent to the lure. The added scent can enhance the lure's effectiveness by attracting more fish and making them hold onto it longer.

How Do I Use Glowbite Grumpy Fish Lures?

Using Glowbite Grumpy Fish Lures is straightforward. Follow these steps to get the best results:

  1. Feed your trace through the lure head (We suggest approx 2 metres of fluorocarbon trace)
  2. Feed your trace line through the skirt
  3. Dinner bells are optional - feed through dinner bells if desired
  4. Tie the assist hooks to your trace
  5. Begin by lowering the lure into the water column, then initiate a jigging motion by promptly raising and lowering the rod tip. Gradually reel in half a turn at a time, bringing the lure up approximately 10 meters from the bottom. Repeat this process to maximise your chances of success.

Why Buy Glowbite Grumpy Fish Lures?

Experience the thrill of offshore fishing like never before! Discover the unrivalled Glowbite Grumpy Fish Lures at the Fishing Tackle Shop. These exceptional offshore jigging lures are an essential addition for avid reef anglers. Their cutting-edge design and remarkable features effortlessly entice a diverse array of saltwater fish. Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your fishing game and buy A Glowbite Grumpy Fish Fishing Lure.


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