Fish Craft Bulldog Lure

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Fish Craft Bulldog Lure

Like a bull at a gate ready to charge, the Fishcraft Bulldog has a tight aggressive action that is perfect for targeting big bass in heavy cover. It isn't just bass that falls victim to the Bulldog; with its ability to throw long and accurately, it's also an excellent choice for targeting flathead, tailor, mangrove jack, sooty grunter and many other freshwater and saltwater fish species.

The Bulldog is a jointed 90mm bibless sub-surface minnow lure weighing 8.9 grams. It has a strong swimbait action that starts as soon as you retrieve it, making the lure fishable with an enticing action at both fast and slow speeds. The Bulldog lure's bibless design makes it easy to fish around snags and ensures that it will swim true even when retrieved at high speeds.

The Fish Craft Bulldog lure is a fantastic choice for fishing around submerged timber through weed beds, drop-offs, and rock bars. It excels when fished sub-surface, making it an ideal lure for catching all kinds of fish around all structures and substrates.

Features and Specifications

  • Type: Hardbody bibless jointed lure
  • Swimming Depth: Sub Surface
  • Hooks: 2x Chemically sharpened size eight trebles
  • Slow sinking design
  • Size: 9cm

Please note: The price is for one lure only. Select the model when making your order.

Why do jointed lures work so well?

The joint design of the Fishcraft Bulldog lure gives it a fantastic swimming action that is perfect for attracting fish in a wide range of species. The lure's ability to swim with an enticing action at both slow and fast retrieval speeds makes it incredibly versatile and easy to fish.

Why is the Bulldog lure an excellent choice for fishing around submerged timber?

Compared to deep divers, the bibless lure design makes fishing around snags and structures more manageable, and the slow-sinking design offers a decreased risk of lost lures.

Is the Fish Craft Bulldog lure suitable for saltwater fishing?

Yes, the Fish Craft Bulldog lure is an excellent choice for saltwater fishing and swims equally well in freshwater.

What target species will the Bulldog lure catch?

The Fish Craft Bulldog lure is a great choice for targeting bass, flathead, tailor, mangrove jack, sooty grunter and many other freshwater and saltwater fish species that will take a lure when fished sub-surface.


  • The jointed body design gives the Bulldog lure a convincing action that fish find irresistible.
  • At 90mm in size, the Bulldog is the perfect size for targeting a wide range of fish species in both freshwater and saltwater.
  • The chemically sharpened hooks are incredibly sharp and designed for quick and easy penetration.

Show the fish something different and start catching fish like never before. Let the bulldog charge and bring you fish after fish. Order your Fish Craft Bulldog lures today here at the fishing tackle shop!


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