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Glowbite Jack Flash Lures – Slow Pitch Jigging Lure

Experience a new fishing era with the Glowbite Jack Flash, one of our latest additions to the collection of innovative lures available at our fishing tackle shop. Meticulously engineered to entice even the most elusive fish, the Glowbite Jack Flash pushes the boundaries of underwater reef fish attraction, setting a new standard in angling excellence.

At the core of the Jack Flash lies a cutting-edge flashing light that activates upon contact with water. It mimics the glimmering shimmer of a wounded or darting baitfish, desperately fighting for survival, making it an irresistible lure for predators lurking in dimly lit surroundings.

The Glowbite Jack Flash offers more than just an attractive appearance. Each lure sold comes with dinner bell rattles, providing an additional auditory stimulus to entice curious fish into striking. The Jack Flash is an indispensable lure for dedicated reef anglers with its unpredictable and swift movements and attention-grabbing noise.

But wait! Glowbite New Zealand didn't stop there when developing this incredible product. They went above and beyond, considering every possible detail. The Jack Flash not only boasts stunning visual and auditory appeal, but it also features a unique fish attractant dispenser chamber. This ingenious addition amplifies the Jack Flash's natural appeal by infusing it with your choice of fish-attracting scent.

This feature is convenient for fishing in low visibility in murky or nutrient-rich waters. It gives you the upper hand when targeting notoriously picky species like snapper or kingfish, allowing you to customise your lure to their specific preferences.

The Glowbite Jack Flash isn't just a fishing lure; it's a game-changer. Experience the thrill of the chase like never before and reel in your best catch yet. You won't believe it until you experience it yourself. The Glowbite Jack Flash will captivate you like no other jig ever has. Once you try it, you'll find it challenging to opt for any other type of jig again!

Features and Specifications:

  • Offshore jigging lure
  • It comes with two solid rings
  • Assist hooks made with Owner-brand hooks
  • Dinner bell rattles
  • Fishing Scent chamber
  • Centre-weighted
  • The upper surface features a deep concave configuration.
  • Flashing light (water activated)
  • Slow-pitch style jig fishing lure

What colours do the Glowbite Jack Flash Lures come in?

The Glowbite Jack Flash is available in vibrant and eye-catching colours, ensuring an option for every angler's preference. Choose from options such as Mango Tango, Blue Mackerel, Jack Mack, Pink MaoMao or Orange Grunta.

Why choose Glowbite New Zealand?

Glowbite New Zealand is gaining recognition in the fishing industry, specialising in crafting premium, innovative offshore fishing lures. Despite being relatively new to the scene, they offer a refreshing outlook and leverage cutting-edge technology to design distinctive and highly effective lures. Their unwavering dedication to excellence and constant drive for innovation distinguishes them in the market. The Jack Flash is a testament to this commitment, and we firmly believe investing in one will be highly rewarding.

Where should I use the Glowbite Jack Flash Lures?

The offshore slow-pitch jig lure is ideal for targeting predatory species that frequent reefs. It's perfect for snapper, kingfish, small tuna, john dory, and many other saltwater fish.

What are Dinner Bells?

Dinner bell rattles are a remarkable addition to all Jack flash lures. These rattles produce a sound that accurately replicates the feeding frenzy of fish, hence earning the name "dinner bell". This auditory stimulus effectively triggers the predatory instincts of reef fish, enticing them to strike with vigour.

Another advantage of dinner bell rattles is their ability to reach fish beyond the visual range. Sound travels approximately four times faster in water than in air, meaning that fish can detect the sound from a considerable distance. This feature is particularly beneficial in murky or low-visibility waters.

Do I need to use scent with Jack Flash Lures?

Although the Glowbite Jack Flash Lures are already highly effective, incorporating scent can significantly improve your chances of success. The innovative fish attractant dispenser chamber lets you personalise your Jack Flash lure with your preferred scent, giving it an extra advantage in attracting fish.

Using a scent that imitates the prey species found in your target area can significantly increase the likelihood of catching your desired fish. We offer a variety of fishing attractant scent for sale at the fishing tackle shop.

What is the reason behind including a flashing light in the eyes of Jack Flash lures?

Including a flashing light in Jack Flash lures serves two primary purposes. Firstly, it replicates the natural movement and reflection of light on baitfish, making it an irresistible target for predatory fish. This feature allows the lure to stand out and attract attention, particularly in dimly lit or murky waters. Secondly, the flashing light provides an additional visual stimulus, enhancing its effectiveness as a fishing lure.

Ready to Buy Glowbite Jack Flash Lures?

Join the ranks of satisfied anglers and add the Glowbite Jack Flash to your lure box. Indulge in an experience unlike any other and witness first-hand why this lure is a game-changer for any angler who fishes with slow-pitch jigs offshore.


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