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Daiwa Spartan Rods For Sale

When you're jigging and casting at the likes of GT's, tuna, yellowtail kingfish, mackerel and wahoo, there's no room for rod compromise. The Daiwa Spartan Rods range is for sale now at the fishing tackle shop, and they're jam-packed full of Daiwa's leading technology and innovation.

HVF Nanoplus graphite heads the blank inclusion list. For the first time, Daiwa has now included X45 technology in their blue water rods. 3DX carbon increases lifting power, and Daiwa's famous V-Joint design is added to strengthen the multi-piece configurations. However, that's not all.

The hardware list is equally impressive. Fuji reel seats enhance balance and grip your reel like a vice and line management is under the care of Fuji's stainless frames with their silicon carbide inserts. In short, blue water casting and jigging, be it with spin or overhead, doesn't get any better than this.

Remember. For those of you who cast big lures and demand extra distance, the X45 technology will deliver prodigious casting length. For tuna anglers looking to keep the boat well away from the school, this is a must-have feature. For those anglers casting massive poppers at monsters from the rocks, casting distance is critical.

For the jiggers, you want to know that you're not going to be wresting with your fishing rod and busting your back. The advanced construction methods and materials invested in the Daiwa Spartan rods ensures you get phenomenal power without any of that nasty fatigue causing weight.

Want Aussie salmon tailor and bonnies from the rocks? Go the S100-2/4. Want rock-based kingfish or tuna from the rocks? Go the S100-4/6. Casting poppers and stick baits? The S79-8/10 and S80-6/8 are made for it.

Offshore jig overhead purists are nicely catered for with the B55-4/6, B54-6/8 and B511-2/3. Want a shore-based and blue water utility? The S74-4/6, S77-3/4 and S73-2/3 will be perfect. If you prefer to jig with spin, you can't go past the S55-4/6, S54-6/8 and S511-2/3.

Whatever monster you chase, Daiwa Spartan Rods allow you to do it with the best fishing rod technology available. While the price point may cause your heart to skip a beat for a moment, forget about it. Fishing doesn't get better than fishing with a Daiwa Spartan fishing rod, for sale now.

Features and Specifications

ModelTypeTypical UseActionCast WeightLengthLine ClassSections
S100-2/4 Spin Rock Fishing Medium 20-90g 305cm PE 2/3 2
S100-4/6 Spin Rock Fishing Heavy 40-150g 305cm PE 4/6 2
S79-8/10 Spin Heavy Spin Popper Heavy 120-230g 236cm PE 8/10 2-Butt Join
S80-6/8 Spin Ultra heavy Popper Ex Heavy 100-200g 244cm PE 6/8 2-Butt Join
S74-4/6 Spin Offshore boat Heavy 50-100g 224cm PE 4/6 2-Butt butt-join
S77-3/4 Spin Offshore Boat Med Heavy 30-80g 231cm PE 3/4 2-Butt join
S73-2/3 Spin Offshore Boat Medium 15-60g 221cm PE 2/3 2-Butt join
S55-4/6 Spin Offshore Jig & Bottom Heavy 150-350g 165cm PE 4/6 1
S54-6/8 Spin Offshore Jig & Bottom Ex Heavy 200-450g 163cm PE 6/8 1
S511-2/3 Spin Offshore Jig & Bottom Medium 80-180g 180cm PE 2/3 1
B55-4/6 Overhead Offshore Jig, basic troll & Bottom Heavy 150-350g 165cm PE 4/6 1
B54-6/8 Overhead Offshore Jig, basic troll & Bottom Ex Heavy 200-450g 163cm PE 6/8 1
B511-2/3 Overhead Offshore Jig, basic troll & Bottom Medium 80-180g 180cm PE 2/3 1
  • HVF Nanoplus
  • 3DX
  • X45
  • Fuji Reel Seats
  • Fuji Stainless guide frames
  • Fuji SIC inserts
  • V joint
  • Regular tapers

Notice: Images are generic images and are for illustration only. As it is hard to take pictures of fishing rods due to their length images on the website are cropped into multi-piece where indeed they may be a 1pc or 2pc model. See our table for exact details. Pricing varies depending on which model you choose to purchase. Price is for one single rod only.


  • The combination of HVF Nanoplus, 3DX and X45 blank technologies delivers anglers profoundly powerful fishing rods with prodigious casting, unrivalled strength and flawless performance. All in a small diameter lightweight package. Fishing for massive fish doesn't get better than this.
  • Superb casting manners and line management deliver trouble-free, effortless fishing under the toughest of conditions
  • V-Joint technology in the multi-piece rod configurations delivers the same level of blank integrity as a one-piece rod

Daiwa Spartan Rods are built for the serious blue water and pelagic hunter for jigging and casting, overhead and spin. These are Daiwa's best. Fishing rods don't get any better than this – absolute top of the top shelf. You now need to decide which one to purchase.


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