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Chasebaits Wiggle Bomb Lures Tadpole

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Product Description

Chasebaits Wiggle Bomb Lure Tadpole Frog Profile

Looking something like the love child of a rat, mouse, and a morphing tadpole, the Chasebaits Wiggle Bomb Lure is somewhat of a curiosity. What we can say for certain, is that anything curious with such an enticing action as the Wiggle Bomb, passing the strike zone of a scaly predator, is likely to be bitten and bitten very hard.

The likes of Australian Bass, Murray Cod, Saratoga, Barramundi, Mangrove Jack, Jungle Perch and perhaps even Trout lead with the mouth, and they strike at Chasebaits Wiggle Bomb lures as if it were to be their last meal. For those anglers looking for a feed, it may well be the hapless and duped predators last feast.

The frog or tadpole like profile measures in at 35mm, ideal for a broad range of fish sizes and species. At 8 grams, you can fish it light and extract an awesome action with a variety of retrieves in different parts of the water column. This level of flexibility is brilliant in the rivers, lakes and impoundments where the lurk can vary significantly depending on the conditions or the mood of the fish.

The custom weedless double hooks allow you to fish right into the cover without foul up, while ensuring a secure hook-up if your strike skills are on par. The ability to fish deep into the cover with such an action-packed lure is a key feature of the chasebaits Wiggle Bomb lure. The fact you can launch it a Bass one session, head north and cast for Saratoga the next, is another key benefit of owning a selection of Wiggle Bombs.

Grab yourself one or a range of colours and get casting. Even if the fish aren’t hungry, they’ll bite it hard anyway out of sheer curiosity.

Features and Specifications

  • Profile: Tadpole lure / frog lure (like pattern)
  • Length: 35mm
  • Weight: 8g
  • Buoyancy:  Slow Sink
  • Retrieve: High Tip, like wake Bait, Roll, Drop Down Ledges
  • Hooks: Twin Custom Weedless
  • Body – Soft plastic that easily crushes with fish bite allowing for hook to fish penetration
  • Come in a handy packet of 2 lures for the price
  • Ideal for freshwater fishing (perhaps even on certain saltwater fish species for those who dare)
  • Ideal for targeting Australian bass, murray cod, barra, redfin perch, yellowbelly perch, saratoga and a host of other freshwater species but will surely work on certain saltwater fish too such as flathead and a few others.

Note: Price is for 1 packet of (2) wiggle bomb lures only. Multiple images are for illustration purpose only. Choose which colour you wish to purchase when ordering.


  • Unusual profile yet stimulating action provokes aggressive attack on a magnitude of species.
  • Custom Weedless hooks ensure foul up free retrieve and clean solid hook-ups. The chasebait tadpole lure is ideal for tossing into weedy areas where an angler would normally not cast. The biggest benefit here is that weedy and snaggy areas are usually where the fish are residing.
  • Multiple retrieve options, with the ability to be worked in different parts of the water column allow for thorough hunting of all the strike zones.
  • Perfectly sized for attracting a huge variety of fish in the salt and the fresh, large and small

The Chasebaits Wiggle Bomb Lures are for sale now and is a must have option for the lakes, rivers, dams and impoundments. Built to provide flexibility and options, this is an access all area lure destined to turn a slow day into a memorable purple patch.

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