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Chasebaits Live Whiting Lure

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Product Description

Chasebaits Live Whiting Lure

Whiting have always been a fabulous live bait. The only problem is that now it is illegal to use undersize Whiting, so the option is unavailable. The Chasebaits live whiting is the perfect solution to the problem. At 95 mm, incredibly realistic with active side fins, the Live Whiting lure has a superb action that attracts a significant diversity of fish species.

While an absolute gem in the salty stuff around the rivers, estuaries and beaches, the Chasebaits Live Whiting Lure will also work miracles in the fresh. Bass, Cod and Yellow Belly love them and the Salty anglers will enjoy a huge response from the likes of Flathead, Mulloway, Mangrove Jacks, Tailor, Trevally and Barra.

There are 3 enticing colours, with the colour selections based on habitat. You can refine your rig to suit the environs of a local target if you do end up purchasing a couple of colours from us. The hook configuration ensures strikes turn into hook-ups with a lower treble and a single hook protruding near the dorsal fin.

The 13-gram weight is perfect for achieving peak action. Work it in various ways but any method such as an erratic or twitch retrieve, resembling that of a wounded fish, will work wonders. Flathead cannot resist a fish in distress as an easy meal. Work it in the weedy or muddy shallows around a couple of feet deep, a perfect place for monster Lizards, often overlooked by your average weekend dangler. For those way up north, throw a Live Whiting into the crystal blue waters in the estuaries and inlets near the beaches for a chance at a fight with some opportunistic Trevally.

Whatever your preferred fishing location, Saltwater, Fresh or somewhere in between, the Chasebaits Live Whiting Lure for sale now will become an important addition to your lure arsenal. Grab  one or a couple of each colour, they’re priced to sell, a joy to use and a sure path to non-stop action.

Features and Specifications

  • Model: Chasebaits Live Whiting Lure
  • Profile:  Whiting
  • Length: 95 mm
  • Materials: Soft plastic lure
  • Weight: 13 grams
  • Hooks: Single through dorsal fin and underbelly treble
  • Retrieve: Slow retrieve, twitch, erratic retrieve
  • Feature: Working side fins
  • Ideal for saltwater fishing for the likes of Australian salmon, mangrove jacks, trevally, snapper, mulloway and more and equally as good in the freshwater for targeting barramundi, murray cod or yellowbelly.


  • Brilliant when worked in fresh, Salt and brackish waters against a huge variety of species. Such a versatile fishing lure.
  • Easy to use, ideal for the novice while presenting plenty of retrieve options for the expert.
  • Outstanding hook configuration for a greater hook up percentage.
  • Perfectly weighted to perform at peak action using a variety of retrieves.
  • Incredibly realistic design ensures plenty of interest from targets, the working side fins are irresistible to so many fish.

The Chasebaits Live Whiting Lure will make a huge difference to your bag out potential. Create your own purple patch by casting a Live Whiting just about anywhere in the inshore waters for great sport and a certain feed of fish at the end of the session.

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