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Penn Spinning Reel range


Saltwater is the forte of Penn spinning reels. You can take them anywhere from offshore fishing or else face up to intense surf conditions just to name a couple of angling techniques popular amongst fishermen.

Exceptionally engineered, the construction of these Penn fishing reels is outstanding. Even the more Penn spin reels are affordable fishing reels which are designed to give you longevity in saltwater. There are lots of options waiting for you here at Fishing Tackle Shop.

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Penn Spinfisher

Penn Spinfisher Reels are our best selling heavy duty saltwater fishing reel ever bar none!

Penn Live Liner Bait Feeder Reel

Buy Penn Live Liner Bait Feeder Reel if you prefer letting the fish run with the bait before you decide to call it a catch!

Penn Battle Reels

Purchase Penn Battle Reels Here, they are strong and affordable and one of our top recommendations

Penn Conflict Fishing Reels

Conflict fishing reels are Ideal for saltwater fishing. Small to large sizes for fishing from river to rocks, beach and offshore boat fishing.

Penn Clash Reels

Penn Clash Reels are the new premium top of the line reel from Penn Reels. From smaller to larger sizes see them here.

Penn Fierce Fishing Reels

Buy Penn Fierce reels here, for sale at impressive prices.

Fin-Nor Spinning Reels

Buy Penn Slammer Fishing Reels because the prices we offer are too good to be forgone!



Spinfisher Reels –Fish don’t stand a chance against a Penn Spinfisher. The drag system is entirely shielded, so you can forget about spray getting into the mechanism. The shielded ball bearings contribute to smooth performance and there is instant anti-reverse for when you need to kick into action.

Live Liner Reels –Renowned as bait feeder reels, these can be used for midrange and heavier applications. You can venture into the surf with a Live Liner or else venture offshore on a boat. The freedom of these affordable reels is incredible.

Slammer Reels – Penn Slammer is another option from the list that offers tremendous value for money. Choose from a few models, depending on the level power you require in a fishing reel. The shielded ball bearings will offer major protection from the damaging impact of saltwater.

Torque Reels – Penn Torque is a range of spinning reels that is synonymous with catching heavyweight monsters from the salty depths. Depending on the size of your target, there are Penn reels to help you catch various species from tailor to Marlin.


Penn Spinning Reels