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Penn Clash Reels


Penn Clash Reels For Sale - Power still Premium as Clash Reels Lightens Up.

Heavy duty power is a quality we have come to love in Penn Spin reels. We are well used to the heavier feel of the Penn Spin reel in our hands and the solid confidence it instils whatever our target, application or location. As a sign of the times and response to angler demand, Penn have focused on creating a much lighter Penn Spin reel. Enter the Clash. We continue to witness the effects of technology on fishing reel materials and components and the Penn Clash Reel is a reflection of the contemporary approach to Spin reel construction. They’re light. Very light, in comparison to traditional Penn Reels but has all the strength and power synonymous with Penn. This is a big deal and here at Fishing Tackle Shop we like what we see.

Check out our range of Penn Clash Reels for sale below. They are grouped into sizing categories so simply check out what listing suits you best or read the descriptions for all if you are unsure.