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Game Fishing Tackle


Specialist online fishing tackle for game fishermen just became a lot easier to find. From leading brands like Ande, Jinkai, Momoi, Pakula, and Shogun, we bring you game hooks, leader line, rigs, trace, tools, and accessories. Everything you need is just a couple of clicks away.

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Game Fishing Accessories

Shop now - for all your game fishing accessories such as gimbal and harness kits, lure wraps and more.

Game Fishing Hooks

If you’re in need for game fishing hooks or shackle rigs this is the category to shop.

Game Fishing Leader Line

Game Fishing Leader Line in all the most popular brands.

Game Fishing Rigs and Shark Trace

Shark trace and rigs – They’re all here. Shop Now!

Game Fishing Tackle Crimps and Other

Buy here – Crimps and all other odds and ends for game fishing.



Dedicated Game Fishing Hooks – A vast selection of affordable game fishing hooks is available. We are proud stockists of industry-leading manufacturers Pakula and Wasabi. Choose from varied sizes and specifications to get precisely what you need.

Heavyweight Leader Lines – Game fishermen need robust trace leader line to stand up to the punishment of heavyweight opponents. High-grade leader is available from Andre, Jinkai, and Momoi.

Rugged Rigs and Shark Trace – Rigs and trace for shark fishing are much stronger than your run-of-the-mill varieties, and that’s because they have to be or else they break. Try Black Magic, Shogun, or Top Shot trace for maximum impact.

Vital Fishing Tools and Accessories – From individual items like crimping pliers to larger packs of fishing tackle, game fishermen can start their search here. Accessories include packs of crimps, springs, and stainless steel ball bearings and more.

Fishing Tackle in Australia – Throughout Australia and beyond, the Fishing Tackle Shop is a leading online source of gear for dedicated anglers. Finding what you need just became a lot simpler!


Game Fishing Tackle