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Baitrunner Style Fishing Reels


The Standout Feature
The engineering of Baitrunner fishing reels lets you take a step back from the rod without having to worry and allows fish to play with the bait until you are ready to strike and set the hook. Once a fish bites on your line, the spool continues to run in free spool mode until you are ready to pick up the rod and reel it in.

Simple and Versatile
Baitrunner reels are popular with anglers that like to use more than one fishing rod. These reels are perfect for angling from boats or directly on the beach or rocks to bring in a range of species such as jewfish or snapper. There are also a range of lighter bait runner reels available for fishing in rivers, lakes etc. Baitrunner is a Trademark of Shimano Fishing however other common names for this style of reel is also bait release, bait feeder, bite n run or Live liner fishing reels.

Check out our large range of Baitrunner style fishing reels below.