26th May 2015

Shimano Stradic FK Reels - 2015 model now available

Shimano Stradic FK Reel Now Available

A New Shimano Stradic reel has made dawn on Australian shores and that ladies and gentlemen is where I introduce to you the new Shimano Stradic FK reel.

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About the new Stradic FK Fishing Reels

This new evolution of stradic reel focuses on a new technology concept by Shimano called Hagane. So what is Hagane? It’s technology that Shimano have developed that provides you with some of the most advanced super strong reel gearing but now Shimano have gone the extra mile and have included a hagane body with their new series of Stradic FK fishing reel, thus creating a reel body that is stronger, resistant to impacts and helps to eliminate twist in the reel which in turn helps improve your overall crank power and the efficiency of the reel.

Here is a sneak preview of the new Stradic FK reel...

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