Berkley Skid Jig Lures

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$14.95 - $17.95
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Berkley Skid Jigs

If you remember or fell in love with the Abu Garcia Salty Stage Skid Jig release from a few seasons ago, you will be utterly thrilled to know the Skid Jig is back and it is better than ever.

The Abu Skid Jig worked exceptionally well, yet sales were not so thrilling. The biggest reason for slow sales was the fact the Skid Jigs did not come with hooks, nor were they rigged. The added expense of rigging just made the cost impractical for many anglers. Plus we Aussie anglers hate wasting time rigging when we could be fishing. Despite the overall rigged costs of the old edition, those anglers who did have a go fishing with the Abu version were amazed by the unique action and fish catching results.

The Skid Jig is now back on the market, just under a new brand umbrella. Berkley fishing has taken on the lure moulds along with their economies of scale to bring this baby back to life, now rigged with quality owner JF22 assist hooks and solid attachment rings. Berkley Skid Jigs are ready to fish and are for sale right here at the fishing tackle shop for an extremely affordable price.

The NEW Berkley Skid Jig is an inspired design crafted to represent a squid's darting action. You will notice the squid-like eye on the side of the Skid and the shaping, as well as contour, are all about creating a 'switch back' effect to present as a squid that is hunting baitfish. The skidding motion creates a tremendous amount of sparkle and flash, likely to attract predators from quite some distance.

The Skid Jig is designed to work equally as well horizontally as it is vertically, so boat anglers will also find plenty of value in the Skid Jig. You can expect to do very well casting and slow jigging at species like big snapper, Tuna and Kingfish. It's this sort of flexibility in lures that indicates a high degree of innovative, creative thinking from the design boffins. A collection of skid Jigs in your tackle box will probably see a whole range of trusted regulars relegated to the lower shelf of the box, or for that matter, home in the shed to gather rust and dust.

The Berkley Skid Jigs Slow Jigging Lures are for sale now and will look fabulous in the mouth of your next monster kingy.

Features and Specifications

  • Weights: Choose from 20g, 40g, 60g, 80g, 100 or 150 grams when ordering
  • Buoyancy: Sinking
  • Method: Slow Jigging
  • Hooks: Lure is rigged with Owner JF22 assist hooks (20 and 40 gram have 2 hooks, the other sizes have single hook rig)
  • Suitable for: Offshore boat fishing
  • Target species include Flathead, snapper and other plate sized bottom fish ( on the smaller sizes 20/40g) and for sizes 60 grams plus, an upper class of snapper, kingfish, tuna or other Australian pelagic or demersal fish species.

Note: Multiple images are for illustration only, slight differences can occur such as the smaller lures have a stumpier body profile. The price is for one lure only, and you will note that costs change as you select a larger size from our order menu.


  • A unique design that is now proven in testing to out fish other jigs.
  • The Berkley Skid jig fishing lure can be fished vertically or horizontally.
  • The design allows for maximum lure action as the lure sinks enticing the bite regardless of whether you are dropping or retrieving.
  • Depending on the swell conditions, the Skid will perform brilliantly while the rod is sitting in the rod holder.

The new Berkley Skid Jigs will create some competition for top tray priority in your jig box, and the reason is simple, they're catching more fish. The switchback action is creating a frenzy throughout the water column, and the result is a pretty full live tank.


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