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Squidgy Pro Weapon Jig Head

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    Product Description

    Squidgy Pro Weapon Jig Heads

    There are very few pros fishing the tournaments that will resort to blaming second rate equipment on a lost prize fish. The reason is because they made the mistake of trusting rank and file equipment in their early fishing days, well before they hit the circuit. There’s no way they’ll let that happen with a trophy at stake. They know full well that ‘cheep’ gear is a false economy. There’s little point in having the latest and best rod and reel money can buy when your hooks are garbage or your jig head doesn’t allow your lure to swim. We’ve seen plenty of Barra bend a supposedly strong hook. We’ve seen cast after cast attract not so much as a sniff because your jig head makes your fine plastic swim like a ball sinker. Your jig heads are critical in so many ways. Don’t skimp and find the cheapest, the best one cost hardly any more. So buy the best, purchase Squidgy Pro Weapon Jig Heads. Only this way can you be confident you have no weak link.

    Squidgy Pro Weapon Jig Heads come in an awesome range of weights and hook sizes. Grab a whole kit load of them and you’ll be prepared for all conditions and have a great armoury from which you can experiment. The hooks a 6X custom made, and fabulously strong. They range from 1 gram all the way to the heavy 40 gram. Once you get over 9.5 grams the jig head comes with an assist hook ring underneath the jig head. Rig it with a treble or an assist hook on a cord and you’ll have extra hooking power with no effect on the action of your plastic.

    Of course they marry perfectly with Squidgy plastics but you can use them and should use them on all the plastics in your kit. They’re built for Australian fish and Australian conditions and should be a staple in your tackle box.

    Features and Specifications

    ♦   Weights range from 1 gram to 40 gram

    ♦   The hooks are 6X custom made and super sharp

    ♦   A Unique assist hook ring is situated at the base of the head for a useful stinger hook in all head 9.5 grams and up

    Note: Price is for 1 pack only, images just for illustration purpose, see below for qty per pack.


    Quantity of jig heads Per Pack (price is based on 1 pack, choose your size required when ordering)

    1gm #4 12 Pcs / Pack
    1.7gm #2 12 Pcs / Pack
    2.5gm #2 10 Pcs / Pack
    3.5gm #1/0 10 Pcs / Pack
    5gm #1/0 7 Pcs / Pack
    7gm #2/0 7 Pcs / Pack
    7gm #3/0 7 Pcs / Pack
    9.5gm #2/0 3 Pcs / Pack
    9.5gm #4/0 3 Pcs / Pack
    14gm #3/0 3 Pcs / Pack
    14gm #4/0 3 Pcs / Pack
    20gm #4/0 2 Pcs / Pack
    20gm #6/0 2 Pcs / Pack
    30gm #4/0 2 Pcs / Pack
    30gm #6/0 2 Pcs / Pack
    40gm #6/0 2 Pcs / Pack


    ♦   Affordable, practical and super tough, Squidgies Weapon Jig Heads are the ultimate.

    ♦   Designed to work perfectly with the Squidgy range of plastics but will also marry brilliantly to the plastics in your kit.

    ♦   The 6X strong custom hooks will handle the toughest of Aussie fish.

    ♦   With the addition of a stinger hook, you will have twice the strike power of other jig heads.

    Owning a whole bunch of Squidgy Pro Weapon Jig Heads is a no brainer. Serious plastic addicts will look underprepared if they’re using anything else. Squidgies are the lures that revolutionized lure fishing, so you can rest assured, there jig heads are just as revolutionary. Put a pack or if your wallet allows, a range of Squidgy Pro Weapon Jig Heads in your trolley now.

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