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Nitro Saltwater Pro Offshore Jig Head Series For Sale

Imagine yourself aboard a boat, hovering over the local snapper reefs. The horizon stretches out in a stunning tableau of blue. You're lulled by the rhythmic murmur of the ocean beneath your boat, its rhythm syncing with your eager heartbeat. With confidence, you clutch your consistent choice of Berkley soft plastic, securing it onto the Nitro "Saltwater Pro Offshore" jig head.

With a swift, practised motion, you cast your line. The splash punctuates the serene symphony of the sea, marking the beginning of your wait for a potentially new personal best record snapper.

As the seconds tick by, your anticipation mounts. At any moment, a powerful tug could ignite an adrenaline-fueled battle. And when it does, you'll be prepared. With the Nitro Saltwater Pro Offshore jig head series, you aren't merely fishing but embarking on an exciting adventure. By choosing Berkley Nitro, a reputable brand that has been leading the way in jig head excellence for decades, every outing becomes more than just a trip - it's a possible thrilling chapter in your personal best fishing journey, a testament to your skill and determination.

Building on the legacy of its predecessor, the old Nitro Saltwater Pro, this new series is a game-changer. The standout feature? A unique bait keeper design that accommodates a wider range of modern plastics. Whether you're using soft baits of any style in the range 4-9 inches, rest assured they will stay firmly put, outshining the previous model in terms of versatility and durability.

The innovation doesn't stop there. These jig heads aren't just for offshore boat fishing. They are equally effective in land-based situations like rock, beach, and heavy estuary fishing. With an operational depth of 1-100 meters, these jig heads prove their worth in any water body, making them a versatile addition to your tackle box.

Features and Specifications

  • Specifically designed for saltwater fishing styles
  • Hook strength: X3 rating
  • Tin Colour hook – helps provide that extra bit of rust resistance.
  • Baitkeeper separated and set back from the head

Note: Images are for illustration only. Price is for one single packet only and can vary depending on the size you purchase.


Versatility: Designed for use in various fishing scenarios, from offshore to land-based.

Durability: Enhanced bait keeper design ensures your soft baits are far more likely to stay put, even during aggressive casts and bites.

Depth Adaptability: Works effectively in depths of 1-100 meters, offering flexibility no matter where you fish.

How Many Jig Heads Are Included in a Packet?

The quantity of jig heads varies based on the size you choose. Typically, most sizes come with 5 jig heads per packet. However, if you opt for the 5/0 or assorted-sized models, you'll find 4 heads in each packet. For the larger 7/0 sized models, each packet contains 3 jig heads. Please note that the listed price is for a single packet.

If purchasing the mixed packets what's included?

LGE Light: Hook size 3/0 with 2 of each in weights 1/4oz and 3/8oz

XL Light: Hook size 3/0 with 2 of each in weights 1/2oz and 3/8oz

LGE Heavy: Hook size 3/0 with 2 of each in weights 1/2oz and 5/8oz

XL Heavy: Hook size 5/0 with 2 of each in weights 1oz and 5/8oz

In addition to the Nitro Saltwater Pro Offshore jig head series, we also offer a wide range of other jig heads for sale. Explore our collection to find the perfect fit for your fishing adventures.

Are Saltwater Pro Offshore Jig heads only for offshore boat fishing?

No, they are versatile and can be used in various fishing situations such as rock fishing, beach fishing, or even heavy estuary fishing, thanks to their effective operational depth of 1-100 meters.

What size of soft bait should I use with these jig heads?

The Saltwater Pro Offshore series is best suited for soft bait sizes ranging from 4 to 9 inches, depending on the exact size of the plastic bait used.

How does the new bait keeper design benefit me?

The enhanced bait keeper design offers superior retention of a wider range of modern plastics. This means a more reliable and satisfying fishing experience as your soft bait stays firmly attached.

What is the ideal depth for using these jig heads?

While these jig heads can be used for offshore boat fishing, they are also effective in depths between 1 and 100 metres of water, providing adaptability across different fishing environments.

Buying Nitro Saltwater Pro Offshore Jig Heads Online

The Berkley Nitro Saltwater Pro Offshore jig head series is more than just fishing gear. It's the start of an exciting fishing trip where you're the main character. Picture yourself casting your line into the ocean, waiting for that thrilling moment of a catch you’ll never forget. Don't wait any longer. Get your Berkley Nitro jig heads from the fishing tackle shop today. With our great online prices, preparing for your next big fishing trip is just a click or so away. Ready to get started?


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