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Spotters Sunglasses - Droid Gloss Black Frame (Glass Lens)

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    Product Description

    Spotters Sunglasses - Droid Gloss with Crown Glass Lens

    Do you fish often in the warm, sunny environments in Australia? As fun as the activity may be, you have to keep your eyes protected the whole time. And what do you need for that? Spotters Droid sunglasses! Featuring an amazing, modern, boxy sort of design, the Spotters Droid Sunglasses feature a larger to extra large size frame design so perfect for those who have a larger style head.

    Spotters Droid Sunglasses are not only about an incredible design, but great vision as well, providing you with an obstructed panoramic view. The gasses will fit comfortably over your ears and nose, and can be worn the whole day long. And during all this time, your eyes will not experience any sort of strain whatsoever.

    With their Crown glass polarised lens, Spotters Droid Sunglasses also eliminate the sun’s glare. Even during the harshest and worst weathers in Australia, these polarised glasses will function efficiently, keeping your eyes protected the whole time. They offer a number of features such as polarised lens, which have a range three times greater than other polarised lenses. The visual colour enhancement feature defines the images well and improves colour perception.

    The Spotters Droid sunglasses can be used for everyday wear and all sorts of outdoor events. The glasses have been designed for both men, women and even professional athletes.

    Features and Specifications

    ♦   Model: Spotters Droid sunglasses

    ♦   100% protection from sun

    ♦   Polarised Lens - Eliminates glare

    ♦   Lightweight and comfortable

    ♦   Appealing futuristic design with insane lens coverage

    ♦   Frame Material: Armour

    ♦   Lens: Crown glass

    The Frame

    An amorphous thermoplastic polymer that can retain shape, armour is a preferable frame material because of its light weight and high strength.

    The Lens

    The Crown glass lens offers extremely sharp and clear images. It is resistant to scratches, stress, shock and expansion, which makes it a durable choice. There are many types of crown glass lens available, but among these the Penetrator lens and Halide are popular options. The former of these clarify the vision and the latter offers the best performance in terms of glare reduction and depth perception.



    ♦   The Spotters Droid sunglasses offer you excellent percent protect from the harsh rays in the sun. Whether it is just a casual trip to the mall or a sporting event, these polarised spotters glasses are the perfect choice.

    ♦   Featuring durability and reliability, Spotters Droid sunglasses offer sharp, clear and well-defined images.

    ♦   Spotters Droid sunglasses are lightweight and can be worn the whole long day.

    Get the Spotters Droid sunglasses today and protect your eyes in a futuristic manner!



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