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Silstar Lumina Fishing rod and LED Torch in 1

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    Product Description

    Silstar Lumina Fishing Rod and Torch - All in one!

    The latest product to hit the shelves from Silstar are these amazing fishing rod and torch combos which feature a LED torch that has been integrated into the rods fore grip. You can turn the torch on by pressing a button at the rear of the rod and this will enable you to see your line and rod tip when fishing at night but this cool idea is also ideal for providing some extra necessary light to assist you after you have landed a fish for tasks such as de-hooking fish, re-baiting or tying on new tackle.

    It doesn’t stop there! As the fishing rod blank its self is 1 piece meaning the rod detaches at the fore grip, you are therefore left with a hand held LED torch. Great for if you are fishing at night and need to find your way back to your car whether it is after a rock fishing session or fishing from a river bank.

    Silstar Lumina fishing rods are built using quality 24 Tonne graphite to provide extra sensitivity and are complimented with comfortable EVA rod grips as well as a cushioned real seat.

    Features and Specifications

    ♦   6 Led Light Torch incorporated into the rods foregrip

    ♦   Powered by 3x AAA Batteries (included)

    ♦   Eva Grips

    ♦   Cushioned Reel Seat

    ♦   Several models to choose from (See below)

    Note: All rods are 2 piece models (1 piece rod blank that splits at the foregrip which then turns the grip into a handy LED hand held torch)

    4 Models To Choose From


    It is a 1-3kg rated two piece fishing rod with total length of 5 foot 6 inches. A light weight fishing rod that is great for ultra light saltwater or freshwater fishing in rivers, bays or inlets.


    It is a 6-8kg rated two piece fishing rod with total length of 6 foot Ideal for light to medium offshore boat fishing or for heavy inshore fishing in lakes, rivers, dams and impoundments for species such as snapper, morwong, barramundi, cod and more.


    It is a 3-6kg rated two piece fishing rod with a total length of 7 foot This one is the great all-rounder that will be fine for light boat fishing, inshore river, lake or dam fishing, harbour fishing etc. for a magnitude of fish species.


    It is a 4-7kg rated two piece fishing rod with a total length of 8 foot This model of Silstar lumina fishing rod is ideally suited as a general purpose fishing rod that will be able to fish well in lakes, rivers, rocks and harbours as well as fishing from a break wall.



    ♦   The biggest benefit by far when purchasing a Silstar Lumina rod is the fact that it comes with a LED torch built into the fore grip. This means that you can see what you are doing when fishing at night or even detach the grip to give you a hand held torch assisting you in finding your way back to your car at night.

    ♦   Pulls apart at for grip making it a little easier to fit in vehicles.

    ♦   Built using a 24T graphite blank providing extra sensitivity.

    Before we sell out make sure you grab one of these cool new torch and fishing rod in one combinations by Silstar.

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