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TT Quake Soft Vibe Lure

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$17.95 - $19.95
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TT Quake Soft Vibe Fishing Lure For Sale

Take the latest soft vibe release from Tackle Tactics fishing and unleash an earthquake! It won't cause an earthquake literally, but it will have a seismic effect by sending hungry fish into an absolute spin.

The TT Quake Soft vibe is expertly designed to elicit an irresistible response from fish. With its lifelike movements and enticing vibrations, the TT Quake fishing lure flawlessly mimics the erratic motion of injured bait fish. As a result, the Quake vibe is an excellent choice for targeting a wide range of predatory species in the Australian waters. Among the many potential species a Quake vibe will catch, notable mentions include flathead, yellowbelly, snapper, threadfin, barra, fingermark, and mangrove jack.

Whether you're fishing in freshwater or saltwater environments, the TT Quake Soft Vibe Fishing Lure will exceed your expectations. It excels at casting and retrieving along weed beds, rock walls and drop-offs. You can even use it effectively for light inshore trolling.

Designed with durability as a top priority, the TT Quake soft vibe fishing lure maintains a sleek profile and features a soft plastic body with a distinctive forked tail. The internal wire frame is crafted from stainless steel, ensuring it can withstand the intense demands of targeting powerful species such as barra and the crushing jaws of snapper or mangrove jack.

The TT Quake Vibes are equipped with two 4x strong treble hooks, conveniently pre-rigged for immediate use. Attach the quake to your fishing line and get set to shake the foundations of your favourite fishing spot.

Features and specifications

  • Available at fishing tackle shop in 75mm or 95mm
  • Weight: 75mm/13 grams, 95mm/26 grams
  • Rigged strong
  • 4X strength treble hooks
  • Premium HD split rings
  • Soft Plastic Vibe Lure
  • Internal stainless steel frame

Note: The price is for one single unit only. Pricing will vary depending on the size you choose to order.

How effective is the TT Quake soft vibe fishing lure in freshwater?

The TT Quake Soft Vibe Lures are highly effective in freshwater environments, especially when targeting Yellowbelly and Barramundi inhabiting impoundments. With its robust construction and strength, the TT Quake soft vibe fishing lure is ideally suited for areas abundant with cover, where species like yellowbelly and barra are commonly found. The lure's enticing vibrating action captures their attention and provokes strikes. It is also possible to catch Murray cod on Quake vibes.

What about saltwater species?

The TT Quake Vibe is also a fantastic saltwater fishing lure. Saltwater fish species such as Snapper, Threadfin Salmon, Mangrove Jack, and Flathead are just a few of the many species that could be successfully caught on the Quake vibe.

What's the recommended technique for using the TT Quake soft vibe fishing lure?

Try the following method to obtain the most outstanding performance from the TT Quake Vibe Fishing Lure: Cast the Quake, allowing it to descend to the bottom of the water column. Give your rod a few twitches, then retrieve the vibe with further twitches on every turn of the handle. This imitates the movement of injured baitfish. You can experiment with different retrieval speeds and pauses to find what works best for the fish in your specific area. Additionally, TT Quake lures can be effective when trolling inshore on lakes, rivers and dams.

What colour options are available for purchase in the TT Quake Vibe Lure?

Our fishing tackle shop offers a selection of colours for sale in the TT Quake Vibe Lure series, including Blacktreuse, blood mullet, gold dust, hardy herring, frothy and percy. Please note that availability may vary over time.

Buy a TT Quake Vibe now!

Try a soft vibe with a difference! With some fantastic colour finishes unlike other brands, it's time to start a quake down at your local fishing spot! Buy a TT Quake soft vibe fishing lure from the fishing tackle shop, gear up with a range of our other TT Lures for sale, and start shaking up your local underwater haunts. We deliver worldwide.


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