Tiemco Soft Shell Cicada Lure

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Tiemco Soft Shell Cicada lure For Sale

The upper reaches of Australian salt rivers, where the salt dilutes with the fresh, is what’s called the brackish waters. Not only will you find some of Australias most remarkable and beautiful scenery, you will more than likely not have to share it with another living soul. This is where you will often get an interesting crossover of species. What you are most likely to find in numbers, are brackish Black Bream and Australian Bass. These guys share some common traits and the best common behaviour is the way they attack prey on the surface. It’s aggressive, relentless and resistance is futile. Come summer time when the Cicadas leave their earthy burrows to find a mate is when this particular area of a river comes alive. To get the most out of it, perhaps even a trophy fish or two, you’ll need to rig up a Tiemco Soft Shell Cicada fishing lure.

You’ll want to fish light, and you will want to have a decent net on hand because the Soft Shell Cicada has Bass above the 50cm mark to its credit. It has Bream and Estuary Perch of relative proportions also. Be ready for a tough battle as its heart in your throat type fishing. Often, if not always, fishing the surface is thrill a minute and your Tiemco Soft Shell Cicada lure is a top water master and come summer time becomes difficult to find in the tackle stores. It sells out quickly people. So get your hands on a few ASAP. The action is truly dynamic and the fish will hit it with such fury that strikes inevitably become hook-ups. After all, they don’t want their pray to fly away. Put one or if your wallet allows put a selection in your basket now. Remember, Trout, Jacks, , Sooty grunter and Yellow Belly will also attack your Tiemco Soft Shell Cicada.

Features and Specifications

  • Depth: top water
  • Length: 40mm
  • Weight: 4gms
  • Ideal cicada lure for Australian Bass, Bream, Sooty Grunter and so much more

Note: Images for illustration only – Price shown is for 1 lure only choose your colour when ordering.

Colour SSC-130 NOTICE - Colour design has changed from image.. please call us if you would like to know more.


  • Great for all species that attack bugs on the surface. This is an excellent lure for from the upper reaches of the salt, through brackish to fresh.
  • While the Soft Shell Cicada will attract many species, the Bream and the Bass angler however will get incredible results. Think BIG fish.
  • The action is superb on light gear. At 4 grams this is a pretty lightweight lure and will appeal to the ultra-light to lightweight sports angler.
  • This is a master of the surface and there is no more fun fishing that fishing the top water. From underneath, this lure IS a Cicada.
  • The retractable wings create and incredible commotion on the water. If there weren’t any fish around before you cast, It won’t be long before they rock up in numbers.

The moment the Cicada springs from his earthy burrow is the moment the fish are attuned to their presence. Make sure you have a selection of Tiemco Soft Shell Cicada Lures on hand the moment you hear the air and trees begin to buzz that familiar summer symphony.


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