Bream Special - FC Rock Fluorocarbon Leader

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Bream Special - FC Rock Fluorocarbon Leader

Bream anglers, like the really hard core bream specialists, can be pedantic about their set up and kit to say the least. The Bream anglers’ boat can be set up with sound deadening carpets, rules about talking in the boat, rules about smoking in the boat, rules about how one can display excitement after landing a prize. Yep, they can be pretty full on. Don’t expect to be able to listen to the races the night you’re fishing in this anglers vessel. They like everything to be, ‘just so’. We respect this, and so does Sunline, one of the truly great line manufacturers, and they have developed a Fluorocarbon Leader designed specifically for the most discerning Bream enthusiast.

The Bream Special - FC Rock Fluorocarbon Leader is a design that focuses on the features Bream anglers demand. The leader has a very low memory and is amazingly thin. There is better tensile strength and outstanding knot strength. It is soft enough to be able to work the lightest of light baits allowing your soft plastics and hardbody fishing lures to keep all of their action. Reduced glare and improved transparency assists in keeping the Bream focused on the bait as opposed to scared off by the visible presence of line.

Despite being soft and incredibly smooth, the Bream Special - FC Rock Fluorocarbon Leader has amazing abrasion resistance. This is critical owing to the fact Bream love structure that is often covered in line cutting barnacles, oysters and other snags that act like scissors on your leader. Each breaking strain comes in a handy 50 meter spool. The spools click together for easy storage and management and are colour coded for easy identification of breaking strain. This sort of efficiency is perfectly suited to the most fastidious Bream hunter.

Features and Specifications

  • Available in 50 meter spool
  • Test strengths are colour coded
  • Keeper spools are interlocking
  • Test Strength available: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12
  • 100% triple resin fluorocarbon

Note: Price displayed is for 1 spool only, choose your size required when ordering


  • Designed specifically for the most demanding Bream anglers.
  • Excellent for fishing the most abrasive snags like oyster racks. Added abrasion resistance provides the confidence you need to cast deep into the structure without fearing line cut.
  • Interlocking spools make for perfect storage and line management

Bream Special - FC Rock Fluorocarbon Leader is perfect for the Bream angler. If there is a Bream angler in the family or you have a Bream fanatic friend a selection of Bream Special - FC Rock Fluorocarbon Leader test weights wold make the most wonderful gift. Sunline only makes the best. You can rest assured that Bream Special - FC Rock Fluorocarbon Leader will live up to the hype and expectations.


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