Shogun Wide Gap Hooks (Box of 100)

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Shogun Wide Gap Fishing Hooks - Box of 100

Elevate your bait fishing game with our revolutionary Shogun Wide Gap Fishing Hooks for sale. These wide-gap circle hooks are meticulously crafted in budget-friendly bulk boxes of 100 to redefine and enhance your fishing experience.

An ideal choice for flathead anglers, shogun Wide Gap hooks provide excellent hookup rates and improved bait presentation with their wide-mouth design. With a sharp point and durable construction, Shogun Wide Gap Hooks provide dependable strength and penetration requirements for any fishing scenario.

Shogun Wide Gap hooks may have a unique shape that might seem unfamiliar to some anglers, but let us assure you, Shogun engineered these fishing hooks for your success. Whether you're using Yabbies, prawns, cherabin shrimp, beach worms, pipis, or other forms of bait, Shogun Wide Gap Hooks adapt effortlessly, allowing you to target any fish species confidently.

Features and Specifications

  • Bulk package of 100 wide gap hooks
  • Ideal circle-style hook design
  • Wide mouth design for improved bait presentation
  • Durable construction with a sharp point
  • Suitable for a variety of baits and species
  • Black Nickel

Note: The price is for one box of hooks only. The price will also vary depending on the size you choose to purchase.

Why fish with Shogun Wide Gap Hooks?

We cannot overstate the significance of Shogun Wide Gap Hooks. These hooks offer anglers unparalleled flexibility and significantly higher success rates. With their innovative circle-style design, they not only enhance bait presentation but also deeply reduce the chances of gut hooking.

Are wide gap hooks for freshwater or saltwater fishing?

Shogun Wide Gap Hooks possess remarkable versatility. Whether casting baits into the pristine saltwater along Australia's coastline or the tranquil freshwater rivers, Shogun Wide Gap hooks make a perfect choice. Expertly crafted to withstand the rigorous conditions of both saltwater and freshwater environments, these versatile fishing hooks are an essential addition to any Australian angler's tackle box.

Can I use Shogun Wide Gap Hooks with lures?

Wide Gap Hooks are designed primarily for bait fishing. We do not recommend them for lures. We recommend using other hooks designed explicitly for lure fishing, such as Treble Hooks or lure singles.

What size should I purchase?

Choosing the right hook size is crucial to your fishing success. Shogun provides an extensive selection of Wide Gap Hooks to fulfil all your fishing requirements. Let's delve into the details and explore the specifics.

The smallest size 6 hooks are perfect for targeting smaller species like bream and whiting.

Size 4 and 2 hooks are a step up, suitable for targeting slightly larger species that require a larger hook. These sizes can still handle smaller baits but deliver an extra punch when needed.

Size 1 hooks are the middle ground, providing a balance of versatility. They are excellent for moderate-sized species, allowing for various bait types.

The 1/0 hooks offer a little more backbone, excellent for fish that put up a good fight.

The 2/0 and 3/0 hooks cater to a diverse range of species. They wield good holding power, accommodating heavier lines and larger baits. These hooks are perfect for pursuing fish that offer a challenging fight.

Finally, the largest in the series, the 4/0 hooks, are ideal for targeting big flathead and other large species. They are designed to handle larger baits and provide the power to catch impressive fish.

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