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Shimano Spin Reel Harness

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Product Description

Shimano Spin Reel Harness Strap ACC1503

Simple ideas are so often the best. The Shimano spin reel harness for sale now, is a very simple idea that has significant benefits for the spin reel angler chasing massive scaly monsters. They can save you a heck of a lot of money, a prize catch, and a heap of embarrassment, and, most importantly, your back if you lock yourself into a gimbal/fighting belt.

Some fish won’t settle for steeling just your bait. They want the whole kit; the rod, reel the lot. Given half a chance, they whip it out of your hands in a blink of an eye. If you’re not careful, they take you over the gunnel as well.

This is by no means farfetched. Plenty of anglers have been fishing a little too casually and have lost the lot to a greedy predator, and even perhaps been dragged in drink themselves. If you have ever hooked into a monster GT or Yellowfin, you’ll understand exactly what we’re saying. These fish pack astonishing power.

Often the problem comes from a sudden and intense strike from a furious big fish. You’re caught of guard, your drag is a little to tight, or you simply don’t have a firm enough grip. A big fish simply rips your outfit out of your hands.

The Shimano spin reel harness puts an end to the embarrassing and expensive mishap. The added bonus, is that there is a better distribution of the strain of a long fight, taking the fatigue out, and protecting your back if you use the shimano spin reel harness in conjunction with a gimbal/equalizer kit. A long fight with a large fish can be very strenuous.

The Shimano spin reel harness is constructed of strong webbing and stainless rings. It is embossed with the Shimano logo, for a stylish look. Grab a couple now. They’re mere pocket change compared to what you could lose without one; your rig, your back, or both.

Features and Specifications

  • Super strong webbing
  • Stainless steel rings
  • Fishing Reel Harness Strap suitable for most spin reels
  • Brand: Shimano
  • Model number : ACC1503


  • If used and attached to a gimbal/equalizer kit it helps distribute the weight and strain of battle, mitigating against fatigue and protecting your back.
  • Ensures you don’t lose your entire fishing rod and reel combo due to a huge strike while your unaware or gripping your rod a little too casually if you have the Shimano reel harness strap hooked onto a leash attached to your boat. (use the search tool on our website to search for “shimano Troll strap”
  • The use of durable and hardwearing construction materials ensures your harness will stand up to the tough Aussie fishing environment, and tough Aussie fish.

The Shimano spin reel harness for sale now, is a must for every spin reel angler that chases big fish. It’s great insurance for your kit, and ideal for protecting you against back strain. Grab your Shimano reel Harness now.

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