Shimano Speedmaster XTD Spin Reel

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Shimano Speedmaster XTD 2023 Spin Reel For Sale

The powerful Shimano Speedmaster XTD Spin Reel receives major upgrades for 2023, optimising it for wrestling bulky fish from the surf and rocks. This specialised long-range casting reel features leading-edge Shimano technologies to help experienced anglers reach distant zones and subdue massive species.

At the heart of the enhancements is a lighter Hagane Ci4+ body, now weighing just 590g compared to 625g on the previous model. This featherweight feel significantly reduces fatigue when casting hefty bait rigs on long rods all day. Despite the lightweight build, extreme rigidity and cranking power remain uncompromised.

Inside, the unyielding Hagane gears provide remarkable durability against hard-pulling fish. Their precision meshing delivers smooth and efficient power transfer from handle to rotor. You'll gain line relentlessly against bulldozing runs.

The new Silent Drive oscillation system, with super slow 5 oscillation, lays line evenly across the spool for flawless presentations on repeated maximum distance casts into the surf.

With a maximum of 20kg of smooth drag and a powerful 4.3:1 gear ratio producing 103cm of line retrieve per crank, the Shimano Speedmaster XTD Spin Reel has the brute strength and precision to wear out the toughest battlers. Its long-cast potential allows you to reach distant sandbars where specimen fish feed.

Built for Distance Casting and Powerful Retrieves

Several technologies make the Speedmaster XTD an ideal distance surf casting reel. The long cast AR-C spool releases line with minimal resistance, while the G-Free body design reduces casting fatigue for extended sessions.

Once your rig is sailing through the air, Rigidcast construction prevents any reel flex that could impact accuracy. You'll be able to place baits precisely into tight gutters.

When a thumping pickup signals a hookup, the Shimano Speedmaster XTD Spin Reel shifts into battle mode. Hagane gears provide remarkable stability and power to gain line against long screeching runs or bulldogging head shakes. The drag maintains perfect pressure down into the last metres of your main line.

Match it with live and dead baits up to 200g to tempt a diversity of powerful species. Try mullet, yakka or slimy mackerel for livies. Fresh squid and pilchards work for jewfish and rays. Or heave out a fish head on a surf rig for trophy rays.

Specialised Engineering

The Shimano Speedmaster XTD Spin Reel is built to withstand the demands of surf fishing. The lightweight CI4+ construction better protects against potential corrosion while precisely machined components deliver smooth reliability. This reel will provide seasons of service when cared for properly.

The ergonomic handles provide comfort and leverage to put pressure on big hookups. Combined with the smooth, powerful drag, you'll have the right fishing equipment to stop bulldozing runs.

Engineered for long 10-15ft surf rods, the Shimano Speedmaster XTD Spin Reel is perfectly balanced to leverage the rods' length for distance casting, then smoothly bringing fish to gaff. Take on the surf with confidence by wielding Shimano's purpose-built Speedmaster XTD.

Shore-based anglers will feel equipped with the latest technology to subdue mulloway, Australian salmon, rays, snapper and other powerful surf/rock zone species. The bar for high-performance surf reels has been raised.

Features and Specifications

  • Model Speedmaster 14000XTD (2023 release and current model)
  • Approx Braid Line Capacity: 590yds/40lb, 510 yards/50lb
  • Approx Mono Line Capacity: 600m/12lb, 440m/16lb
  • Ball bearings: 3+1
  • Max Drag: 20Kg
  • Approx weight: 590 grams
  • Technologies: Hagane G Free parallel body, Hagane gear, Rigid Cast, ARC Spool, Silent Drive
  • Super Slow Oscillation
  • Gear Ratio: 4.3:1 (103cm per crank)

Note: Price is for one single reel only. Multiple images for illustration only.

People Also Ask

We've got you covered with some common questions asked about the XTD below:

What is the difference between the Speedmaster XTD and the previous XTC model?

The XTD has some nice improvements over the XTC:

  • Lighter Hagane Ci4+ body shedding 35g of weight
  • Enhanced line lay with Silent Drive 5 oscillation
  • Increased cranking power via cold-forged Hagane gears
  • Improved casting with technologies like Rigidcast
  • Upgraded ergonomics and corrosion resistance

The XTD builds on the XTC's design with refined parts focused on power, durability, and handling big surf zone fish. The sturdy, cold-forged Hagane gears shine, delivering smooth strength.

Can I switch the Speedmaster XTD between right and left-hand winding?

Sure, the Speedmaster XTD handle switches between right and left-hand retrieve. Just remove the screw cap and install the handle on the opposite side. So, it works for any angler, no problem.

What's the recommended drag setting for large fish?

We suggest starting around 1/3 of your line rating. Then tighten the drag as needed when fighting bulky fish, but not so much that the line snaps! It's a balancing act.

What lines and leaders work best on the Speedmaster XTD?

For mainlines, 40-50 lb braids with 510-590 yard capacity are great, or try 12-16 lb monos with 440-600 meter capacity if you prefer. Then tie on a 20-60 lb mono or fluoro shock leader. The XTD loves braid and mono in these weights for handling big baits/fish.

How to pick the right fishing rod to match with the Shimano Speedmaster XTD Spin Reel?

Pair it with a solid 12-15 ft graphite spinning rod for your chosen line and target fish. Look for enough length/leverage to launch long casts but not too stiff that casting suffers. A medium-fast or fast taper matches the XTD's speed and power. Factor in the species you're after and your line strength when selecting the ideal fishing rod.

Buy Shimano's Latest Long Cast Surf Reel For Sale at the Fishing Tackle Shop

Shimano's engineers outdid themselves with the new Speedmaster XTD, creating the ultimate long cast surf spinning reel. Buy the XTD now here at the Fishing Tackle Shop. Bring supercharged casting and smooth power to your next beach mission with the Shimano Speedmaster XTD Spin reel.


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