Shimano Ocea Bettyu Hiramasa Lure

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Shimano Ocea Bettyu Hiramasa Lure – Surface Stickbait

Unlock the secret to landing apex offshore and coastal fish with the Shimano Ocea Bettyu Hiramasa Lure. This innovative saltwater stickbait fishing lure utilises Shimano's advanced "Flash Boost" technology to deliver an irresistible fish-catching action that drives predators into a feeding frenzy.

At the heart of the Shimano Ocea Bettyu Hiramasa Lure is an ingenious mirrored insert that vibrates and reflects light with each rod twitch. Shimano's counterweighted spring mechanism amplifies this effect, creating continuous flashes and shimmies even when the lure is paused. Fish can't resist investigating the erratic, baitfish-like movements.

To further increase fish-attracting potential, the Bettyu Hiramasa features Shimano's signature "Scale Boost" finish. This holographic coating gives the lure sides a brilliant, life-like fish scale pattern that reflects light and contrasts beautifully with the lure's body.

The 145mm Bettyu Hiramasa floats upright on pause, reducing line twists and snags. Its centred gravity creates an enticing side-to-side "walk the dog" action that works at various retrieve speeds. The specialised tuning and dynamics make the Betty Hiramasa easy for anglers of any skill level to fish effectively, whether you are walking the dog or burning the lure fast and straight.

Take your offshore game to the next level by equipping yourself with the Shimano Ocea Bettyu Hiramasa Lure. Designed to target species like giant trevally, yellowfin tuna and mahi mahi, this innovative stickbait packs the fish-catching technology discerning anglers' demand. Bring the ocean's apex predators boatside with seamless style and confidence.

Features and Specifications:

  • Size: 145mm
  • Weight: 46 grams
  • Buoyancy: Floating
  • Hooks: Fitted with two 4/0 treble hooks
  • Technology: Shimano Flash Boost system
  • Saltwater Lure
  • Type: Stickbait

Note: The price shown is for one lure only. Photos depict multiple colours for illustration.

What types of fish will anglers target with the Shimano Ocea Bettyu Hiramasa Lure?

The Bettyu Hiramasa was designed to catch the biggest predator species that swim in Australian waters. Anglers can use it to hook monster giant trevally, tuna, Spanish mackerel and mahi mahi. The specialised Flash Boost system perfectly mimics fleeing baitfish to draw aggressive strikes from these fish. The Bettyu Hiramasa is a must-have lure for serious offshore and rock fishing.

What makes the Bettyu Hiramasa so effective?

Shimano packed proven fish-catching technology into the Bettyu Hiramasa. It uses an internal mirror that shimmers on retrieve, thanks to the innovative Flash Boost system. Even when paused, the counterweighted spring makes the lure's internals vibrate and flash. That, together with the Scale Boost finish that replicates actual fish scales, creates a lure no pelagic predator can ignore. It represents the next level in stickbait lure design.

Where are the best places to fish Bettyu Hiramasa lures?

Anglers report getting plenty of bites casting these lures around offshore structures like floating FADs and drifting debris that aggregate bait. They also shine when fished off rocky headlands, points and offshore bommies. Casting over shallow reefs is another deadly technique. Anywhere with predatory fish is a prime spot to fish the Bettyu Hiramasa. They are a sure-bet fish finder lure.

Buy a Shimano Ocea Bettyu Hiramasa Lure at the fishing tackle shop.

Dominate offshore or coastal waters and hook a beauty with the uniquely deadly Bettyu Hiramasa from Shimano. Loaded with fish-triggering Flash Boost technology, brilliant finishes and precise tuning, it's the go-to stickbait for anglers pursuing the ocean's apex predators. Buy the Shimano Ocea Bettyu Hiramasa Lure today and experience the fish-catching edge over other large surface lures.


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