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Shimano Curado Baitcaster Reel - 23 Model For Sale

Cast Further and Fight Harder with the All-New Curado 23. The Shimano Curado cements its legendary status with the release of the re-engineered Shimano Curado baitcaster reel 23 series. This revamped classic takes an already phenomenal reel to the next level.

At the core lies Shimano's Micro Module Gear system, providing an unparalleled smoothness and power transfer that has become synonymous with the Curado name. However, the Curado 23 introduces major enhancements to take performance, durability, and aesthetics up a notch.

Long Distance Casting Powered by MGL III

The most notable enhancement lies in the new MGL III spool design. MGL stands for "Magnumlite", and the third generation provides optimised casting capabilities like never before.

The MGL III enables low friction line release by finely balancing spool inertia for adding yards to each cast. The spool wall has been thinned but retains rigorous strength. Combine this with the Curado's powerful Micro Module Gear system, and the 23 series is a casting machine.

Pinpoint accuracy and reduced backlashes complement the enhanced distance. You'll easily reach distant laydowns and structures, allowing you to work an area thoroughly. Species like barramundi, murray cod and bass better beware.

Super Smooth and Silent Retrieves

While long bombs are great, a smooth retrieve is equally important for enticing finicky fish. That is where the Curado 23's added pinion gear O-ring comes into play.

The innovative O-ring minimises looseness in the pinion gear. The result is a consistently smooth, silent rotation free of vibrations and noise. MGL III technology complements this by eliminating friction when bringing in your lure.

Together, they allow you to focus on minute bait movements. You are far less likely to miss subtle strikes due to external distractions. You'll detect the slightest change in pressure instantly.

Power and Control to Stop Bulky Fish

Smoothness doesn't mean you surrender power. The Curado 23 maintains its legendary strength and durability. The lightweight yet rigid Hagane body efficiently transfers energy from crank to gear. That allows you to have complete control when bulldogging chunky fish species.

The cross-carbon drag system provides a maximum of 6kg of smooth, consistent pressure when trying to tire out hard-fighting fish. You can precisely adjust the drag and prevent break-offs on big hookups. Between the Hagane body and reliable drag, the Curado 23 has muscle to spare.

Increased Speed for Burning Lures

A high-speed reel allows you to burn topwater lures or aggressively work deeper divers. It expands your lure and technique options. The Curado 23 delivers with high gear ratios available.

The 6.2:1 model provides a versatile speed, while the 7.4:1 fires back like a bullet. Crankbaits and spinnerbaits will come to life and elicit explosive strikes. You'll be able to rip buzz baits over the surface in the blink of an eye.

Up Your Game in Style

Not only does the Shimano Curado baitcaster reel perform like a dream, but it also looks slick. The new matte green finish is both stylish and functional. It eliminates glare that could spook fish in the right light.

This aesthetic blend of form and function represents the Curado 23 perfectly. It pairs advanced technology with the rugged reliability Shimano is known for. The Curado legacy continues with refinement.

Features and Specifications

  • Max Drag: 6kg
  • Approx mono line capacity: 8lb/180yds, 10lb/155yds or 14lb/110yds
  • Approx braid line capacity: 30lb/190yds
  • Bearings: 6+1
  • Weight: 200M/210 grams, 200HGM/215 grams
  • Gearing Technologies: Micro Module, X-Ship High-efficiency gearing
  • Body Technologies: ci4+ Hagane Body
  • SVS Infinity braking system

Curado 23 Buying Considerations

Gear Ratio

The 200M model has a moderate 6.2:1 ratio that offers a nice balance of winding speed and power. It works well for all-around use.

Step up to the 200HG for a blazing 7.4:1 ratio when you need to quickly work baits along the surface or burn them back from depth. It's ideal for barra fishing when reaction bites are key.

Rod Pairings

You'll want to match your Shimano Curado baitcaster reel with a quality baitcaster rod designed for bass, barra, or other species you target. Here are some characteristics to look for:

- Moderate or Fast Action - complements the speed of the reel

- Strong backbone - handles the power of bulky fish 

- Lightweight - balances the reel and reduces fatigue

- Line rating that handles sufficient strength braids and the fish you are targeting

Consider a baitcaster fishing rod between 5ft 6 inches to 6ft 6 inches for most applications. Go slightly longer if swimbaits. Finding the right rod pairing is key to enjoying your new reel.

Line Choice

The Shimano Curado baitcaster reel is optimised for braided lines. Braid allows you to maximise the long-range potential while providing sensitivity.

Some recommended line strengths for the Curado 23 are:

- 10-15lb braid  for chasing Lighter class inshore fish such as Australian bass

- 20-30lb plus for targeting barra, murray cod and other larger Aussie fish species


What types of lures work best on the Shimano Curado baitcaster reel?

The Curado 23 has the versatile performance to handle anything from soft plastic rigs to big diving crankbaits. Top lure choices include swimbaits, cranks, spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, and lipless rattlebaits.

Is the Shimano Curado baitcaster reel good for saltwater use?

The corrosion-resistant construction and components allow the Curado 23 to be used in fresh and saltwater fishing applications. Just be sure to clean and maintain your reel well after saltwater use, as the reel is resistant to but not corrosion-proof.

The Curado Legacy Continues – Buy from The Fishing Tackle Shop

The Shimano Curado 23 builds upon previous generations with key upgrades that cement its status as a premier baitcasting reel. Both seasoned anglers and newcomers to baitcasters will appreciate the Curado's silky smoothness, flawless control, and durable construction. Up your game on the water and experience the difference - order your Shimano Curado Baitcaster Reel today!


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