Samaki Rib Cage Jig Lure

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$10.95 - $15.95
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Samaki Rib Cage Jig Lure

The Samaki Ribcage lure is anything but a skeleton of its creature namesake; it's an absolute beast in jig lure performance. It's one of those lures you'll find in the tackle box of many serious anglers because it catches a lot of fish.

The Samaki Rib Cage Jig Lure has a unique design that gives it an erratic, fluttering action as it falls, which is irresistible to predators. It's also equipped with a super sharp, corrosion-resistant premium assist hook to ensure you make the most of every strike. Whether you're targeting trophy fish or just out for a fun day on the water targeting snapper, coral trout kingies or anything else that just so happens to swim by, the Samaki Ribcage is a bluewater jigging lure you can rely on. The best part? The price is super affordable compared to other jig lures on the market. If you're looking for a versatile, effective, affordable jig lure for offshore fishing, the Samaki Ribcage should be high on your list.

Features and Specifications

  • Type: Offshore jigging lure
  • Construction: Metal
  • Single assist Jig hook
  • Ribcage design
  • Saltwater lure
  • UV Enhanced

What sizes does the Samaki Rib Cage Jig Lure come in?

The Samaki Ribcage is available in several sizes at our fishing tackle shop. We have 20-gram, 40-gram, 60-gram, 80-gram, 100-gram, 150-gram and 200-gram models for sale.

Please note that the price can vary depending on your size, and it is for only one single lure. The multiple images shown are for illustration purposes only.

Why is the lure called a rib cage?

The lure's design on one side resembles a rib cage, with the ribs protruding outwards, it aids in the erratic, fluttering action as it falls, representing a severely wounded or dying baitfish. This action is often irresistible to predators resulting in more strikes and, ultimately, more fish in the boat!

Is the Samaki Rib Cage Jig Lure a freshwater or saltwater lure?

This lure is designed for saltwater fishing; we do not recommend using it in fresh water. If you're targeting big game fish offshore, the Samaki Rib Cage Jig Lure is a great option that's bound to produce results.

What fish will the Samaki Rib Cage Jig Lure catch?

The Samaki Rib Cage Jig Lure is an offshore jigging lure, so it's ideal for targeting Demersal or big game fish such as snapper, coral trout, kingfish, cobia, samson fish, amberjack, tuna and more.

Buying Samaki Rib Cage Jigs

In preparation for any situation that may arise when offshore fishing, we suggest having a range of colours and weights. Our Samaki Rib Cage Jig Lure is available in various sizes and colours at our best online pricing now. You never know what fish you might hook into on any given day, so be prepared and pick up a few different sizes and colours; you won't regret it!


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