Rapala Xrap Xplode Popper Lure

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Rapala Xrap Xplode Popper Lure

If there was ever a surface fishing lure that had massive GT written all over it, it’s the Rapala Xrap Xplode Popper Lure. Wow, what a surface lure. Engineered to within a inch of it’s life, the Xrap Xplode is designed to take the phenomenal abuse that is dished out by the likes of back breaking behemoth GTs.

This is a very serious lure of unrivalled pedigree and has a price to match. However, this guy is designed to take the ferocious attacks from the oceans biggest and live to tell the tale.

With such a feature list it’s difficult to know where to start with this guy. Firstly, all you must do is look at it and you know that the Rapala Xrap Xplode Popper for sale now is truly something special.

It’s 145grams and 170mm long. It’s a big lure, you can cast it a mile even though your weighted up for big fish. The size says big fish. The golden rule has always been; want bigger fish, fish a bigger bait. It’s rear weighting is perfect for casting and fishing it in any weather conditions. It’s sits nearly vertically on the pause ensuring strikes nearly always result in hook-ups.

The big cupped face creates a boom of a wave. It’s such a commotion you can drawer in large topwater feeders from some significant distance away. A big colour selection of all your favourites and more ensures there’s a colour to entice even the fussiest of feeders.

Of course, Xrap Xplode Popper Lure delivers the outer strength, but the super-strong through wire and the VMC 75 Series 6X Tropic Spark Point trebles ensures the monsters that attack your Xplode popper lure will have to do more than overtime to beat you. The split rings are rated to 250lb, so your VMCs aren’t going anywhere.

While priced for the top shelf, what price is a battle with a Yellowfin, a massive GT or a Dog Tooth. Priceless! What about Sailfish or Black and Yellowtail Kingfish from the ocean rocks? Fishing the topwater with a Rapala Xrap Xplode Popper Lure is out of this world.

Features and Specifications

  • Model: Rapala Xplode Popper
  • Type: Hard body Plastic popper topwater
  • Size: 170mm
  • Approx weight: 145 grams
  • Buoyancy: Floating
  • Hooks: 2 x VMC 75 Series 6X Tropic Spark Point trebles
  • Rings: Rated to 250lb
  • Through Wire Durable ABS Body
  • 3D Holographic Eye
  • Internal Foil
  • Explosive and Loud
  • All-Weather Stable

Note: Multiple Images are for illustration only. Price is for one Xplode Popper Lure only. Choose which colour you desire when ordering.

Rapala Xplode Popper Buyers Guide

As you may have already read the Xplode popper is a monster size popper suitable for targeting the likes of Big Giant trevally (GT), Tuna, Kingfish and a host of other large ocean fish that will readily smack a bait on the oceans surface.

If you can afford to purchase a couple it really is worth while picking a selection, so you can cover all your basis and switch out any colours that may not be performing to their peak on any given day. However, for those that have a limited budget if it was to boil down to one or two options from the range popular colours for northern Australia are WHU Wahoo or FFU Flying Fish. For southern Australia some of our best sellers are RH Red head or BSRD Blue Sardine .


  • In terms of strength your Rapala is beyond reproach. Internally and externally it’s built to better handle teeth and the power of XXX size surface predators.
  • The cup is huge and creates an enormous commotion for attracting fish from a very broad area.
  • The rear weighting makes it a perfect all-weather lure. It also ensures it’s position in the water when paused promotes a secure hook-up.
  • The hardware, including the rings and VMC hooks are more than enough to hang on to behemoth blue water monsters with gnashing teeth.
  • It’s weighted for casting while rigged heavy. At 145 grams you can get all the distance you need with an appropriately balanced rig.
  • The Rapala Xrap Xplode Popper Lure can be fished from your boat or from the ocean rocks. It’s casting qualities provides plenty of flexibility.

The Rapala Xrap Xplode Popper Lure for sale now is a special for untold action on the surface. It really doesn’t get any better than this. From the rocks or your favourite vessel, enormous fish are just a cast away. Put one or a couple in your shopping basket now.


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