Rapala Skitter Pop Lure Mouse

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Rapala Skitter Pop Lure Mouse Fishing Lure Pattern

Nothing beats the excitement of top water action. Seeing a lure skip frantically along the surface, only to be suddenly monstered by a breaching predator is a thrill that never gets old. It’s worth reminding everybody that top water fishing lure action is not the sole domain of the salty.

The Rapala Skitter Pop Fishing Lure is for sale at fishingtackleshop.com.au in mouse colour, perfectly suited for hunting the fresh water haunts of the hyper aggressive Bass, the wily Perch and the predatory Murray Cod and the ever so territorial impoundment Barra.

The 5cm version has you well placed to tackle your average Bass and Perch. It’s worth remembering however, Bass will attack enormous lures, such is there aggressive nature.  So, you can hedge your bets and cast this bigger size of 7cm in a general cast and hope for whatever may be lurking in your chosen location. If you’re looking for a bigger class of fish such as Murray Cod this mouse lure will also be one you should consider having in your fishing tackle kit especially in the 9cm size.

The cupped Lip creates a blooping sound when worked to dive just beneath the surface. The noise is a higher pitch, creating a lot of splashing when worked along the surface. Conditions will determine the method required, but take your lead from the fish and the conditions.

Rapala is world famous as a leading lure manufacturer. They simply do not make run of the mill lures. The Rapala Skitter Pop Lure for sale now is dripping with class and performance and will add a huge amount of excitement to your topwater adventures.

Features and Specifications

  • Model: Rapala Skitter Pop
  • Size: 5cm /7cm or 9cm size (choose which size you require when ordering)
  • Weight 5cm = 6 gram, 7cm = 7 gram, 9cm = 14g
  • Colour: Mouse Pattern Lure
  • Type: Floating Surface cupped lip popper lure
  • Hooks: VMC Black Nickel Treble Hooks x2
  • Dressed rear treble hook for extra attraction
  • Construction – Balsa Wood
  • Best action: Walk the dog  or twitch and pause retrieve
  • Suitable for freshwater fishing: Ideal for Ausrtalian bass and perch, murray cod and barramundi


  • Brilliant finish with top shelf hardware to mimic the real thing.
  • The cupped lip creates an incredible commotion fish will attack instinctively.
  • VMC Black Nickel Hooks turn strikes into hook ups consistently, and more often
  • The Feather/Tinsel Dressed Rear Treble Hook creates further visual incentive, enticing even the most nonchalant fish to the bite.
  • Perfect for chasing a good range of your fresh water Topwater predators

The superior quality of Rapala remains undisputed. The Rapala Skitter Pop Lure is a new addition to the fresh water collection that demands a position in your topwater arsenal. Grab one of these mouse lures now, just to be sure you are prepared for all comers.


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