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Tsunami Black Snap Swivels

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Product Description

Tsunami Black Snap Swivels For Sale

Order a pack of black fishing snap swivels and you can easily swap out one fishing rig for another when you need to make a quick strategic change. Having this luxury will transform the potential of your angling experience by switching to premade fishing rigs. Get ready for your next fishing trip by ordering a pack today here from Fishing Tackle Shop.

Getting the Right Size – The sizing system of swivel snaps means that larger numbers equate to lighter weights, whereas smaller numbers are used to denoted heavier weights example size 10 is small whereas size 1 is larger of sizes.


Bulk Discount - Save Up to 50%

♦   Order Between 10-19  assorted packets and receive 25% off our ticket price.

♦   Order 20 or more assorted packets and receive a whopping 50% off our ticket price.

Features and Specifications

♦   Quantity See Table Below

♦   Type: Black Barrel with Snap

♦   Easy to use Safety pin-like snap system attaches the swivel directly to your rigs

♦   Easy to attach so you can extend your rig in seconds and not waste valuable fishing time


Swivel SizeBreak Rating (Approx)Pieces supplied in 1 packetBest Suited for use with
Size 2 60lb 10pcs Heavier Line Class
Size 4 50lb 12pcs Medium Line Class
Size 6 45lb 15pcs Medium Line Class
Size 8 40lb 18pcs Light - Medium Line Class
Size 10 30lb 20pcs Light Line Class


♦   Minimise Line Twist – First and foremost, your need for using a fishing snap swivel is because you can dramatically minimise the line twist that your main line and leader is exposed to. This will help to improve the longevity of your fishing rig and keep you fishing for longer.

♦  Pin Locking System – All you need to do is open the pin-locking system when you want to attach an alternative lure or hook. With such a convenient system at your disposal, you won’t need to worry about tying on fresh tackle when you’re in a rush.


Fantastic Prices – Fill your tackle box up here. Most orders are dispatched with one business day and we ship worldwide.


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