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Stimulate UV light torch (Black Light)

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Product Description

Stimulate UV Light Torch | Black Light Torch

With so many of the newest lures on the market being UV light reactive, it is the ideal time to pick up the Stimulate UV Torch.  While the small torch may not look like much from the outside, it packs a real punch.  To truly appreciate what the Stimulate UV Torch does you will need to see it in person, but trust us when we say that you will never look at your lures the same way again.

Take any of your UV light reactive fishing lures and shine the Stimulate UV light Torch on them for a mere 5 seconds.  Without the black light torch you may not be able to see the difference but research has found that many fish can detect the UV, which means you’ll be catching more fish in no time.  To try and explain how the UV works viewers only need to consider typical human vision underwater.  At 3 to 5 meters the daylight becomes heavily reduced, but UV light can be seen up to 10 meters, up to twice the distance.  In terms of catching fish that is an additional 5 meter radius.  Why wouldn’t you want to try the Stimulate UV Torch?

One of the additional benefits of the torch is that it has also been shown to work on some lures that are not advertised as UV reactive.  Once you pick up your Stimulate UV Torch, go through your fishing tackle box.  You may just find that it works on many of your existing lures.

Features and specifications

  • Ultraviolet light torch
  • 12 LED’s
  • Can be used on UV reactive lures
  • Works with glow sprays
  • Charges faster than the standard LED torches
  • Takes three AAA batteries to power on
  • Small size for easy storage


  • Featuring 12 strong ultraviolet LED lights.  Most LED torches can take anywhere from 10-15 seconds to charge a lure.  The Stimulate UV Torch cuts that time in half.  Shine your Stimulate UV Torch on your lures and in just 5 seconds you’re ready to fish.
  • One of the greatest benefits of the Stimulate UV Torch is its versatility.  The torch can be used with UV reactive fishing lures and glow sprays.
  • Taking only three AAA batteries your Stimulate UV Torch is uncomplicated and will stay bright and functional for hours on end.
  • The small hand held size makes it easy to use and easy to store.  It will fit comfortably in your hand and your tackle box.

Many think the Stimulate UV Torch is an unnecessary investment.  Once you have yours you can sway all the naysayers by showing them the incredible difference.  It is truly a fishing item that must be seen to be believed.  Once you start reeling in the fish you’ll be a true believer too.

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