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Squidgy S Factor Scent (35ml Tube)

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Product Description

S Factor Scent Fishing Attractant

When one looks at a Piranha for the first time one often wonders what the fuss is all about. Then, should you get a chance to see their teeth, you start to get an idea. Next, should you get to see them as blood or flesh is added to their environment, a full understanding of their reputation comes very quickly. S Factor scent does to all fish what a little blood or flesh does to a Piranha. It send them into a maniacal feeding frenzy that has to be seen to be believed.

In reality fish have the upper hand. We can’t see them and they have an enormous hiding place. When we do find them, we have to compete with their natural smorgasbord of feeding options and attract them to our bait or fishing lures. This highly sought after fish attractant is the key to levelling the playing field.

S Factor scent does two critical things. The first is that it will excite fish to feed even when they are not hungry. The second thing is that S-Factor is so palatable to the fish that they will hold it in their mouth for longer. This gives you a bigger strike window. It should also be mentioned that fish will strike lures coated in S-Factor far more aggressively, often sinking the hooks before you strike. As the lure is worked, a small amount of S factor fishing scent washes off into the water. It creates a trail behind your lure that the fish can’t help but follow.

Do a little research yourself and you will find the anecdotal evidence of the S Factors impact on catch. For scientific, recorded evidence, you only have to look at the tournament success. Starlo and busy love the stuff and believe that this fish stimulant is one of the best that can be used in conjunction with your soft plastic fishing lures, particularly squidgies but also hardbody lures and baits. That just has to be the biggest call in fishing. Thing is, the results of using fishing attractants is proving to be correct.

Features and Specifications

  • Available in a 35ml tube
  • UV enhanced
  • Very affordable
  • Each application will last 10 to 15 casts, depending on conditions


  • The primary benefit is that you will catch more fish
  • S factor fish attractor is easy to carry and easy to apply
  • Suitable for application onto most types of lures
  • S-Factor is backed up, used and endorsed by Australia’s most prominent pro anglers including Starlo and Bushy
  • S factor fish attractor is easy to carry and easy to apply
  • It is affordable enough to use on every fishing trip for even the most budget conscious angler.
  • S factor is clearly the X-factor when it some to fish Attractants

There is little that can be said to embellish this product more than has been said already by anglers everywhere. It is very, very simple. You must have S Factor in your kit at all times. Jump in now and buy one or even a couple of tubes, just to make sure you don’t run out. When you use S Factor scent, you will catch more fish. It’s proven.

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