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Shimano Kairiki SX8 Braid 50% OFF

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Product Description

Shimano Kairiki Braid Line For Sale (Choose between 150m or 300m size spools) PRICES HAVE NOW BEEN REDUCED BY 50% OFF THE RRP (150m was originally $34.95 and 300m was originally $59.95)

Having a conversation with anglers about braid is often like talking to 4WD enthusiasts about tires. Everybody has an opinion, everybody swears by their brand and experience and thinks their choice is always preferable. It can be a tough argument as it gets to a point where comparisons become totally subjective. The rule of thumb for braid is simple; check the specs, know your location and application, and remember that experimentation is the best way to work it out for yourself. Advice is great, and indeed necessary, but only through trying can you find what works best for you.

Shimano Kairiki Braid is one of those instances where you really need to buy and try. The claims are pretty strong, and at its entry level price tag, you might find that Kairiki provides all you want in a braid while saving you an absolute packet. We all know top shelf braid is expensive. We also know that the Japanese are legendary at creating fine fishing lines. Add some American technique to the fray and you have the “Smooth, supple and sensitive” new Kairiki SX 8 braid, priced to suit your pocket, and may well indeed suit you fishing too.

Sensitivity of the Shimano Kairiki braid line has been achieved by reducing the level of stretch. There is a process on raw materials, kind of secret, that provides the high abrasion resistance. The 8 carrier gives the smooth feel that allows it to slide gently through your guides, providing outstanding casting qualities and brilliant guide protection. This smooth finish of Shimano Kairiki also means there is less thrumming on retrieve and when trolled.

Shimano Kairiki Braid fishing line comes in commonly used breaking strains in spools of 150 and 300 meters. The Mantis green is suitable for all waters and applications.

Note: Prices will vary depending on what size spool you choose.  – Select an option from our order menu to view the price for that model.

Features and Specifications

  • Material: PE Dyneema Braid
  • Carrier: 8 Carrier (8 strand braid)
  • Rounder profile – better for casting
  • Colour: Mantis Green
  • Spool Lengths:  150-300m (price varies depending on length you choose to purchase)
  • Breaking strains: See our selection from our order menu (near to add to cart button)
  • Made In Japan


  • Brilliantly priced at the entry level.
  • 8 strand braid making it super smooth.
  • Brilliant line for difficult terrain.
  • The Mantis Green colour is very neutral making it ideal for everything from your fresh inland stream to the blue water.
  • The smooth finish ensures your rod guides are kept very happy and friction is reduced. Thrumming is also reduced on retrieve and when trolling.
  • Perfect off the spool with a minimum propensity for throwing wind knots.

At this price, you really have to grab a spool of Shimano Kairiki Braid. It is definitely worth the experiment. The credentials and specs are fantastic and you might find yourself spooling your full arsenal and saving an absolute fortune. Grab one or a few spools now. We deliver worldwide.

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