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    Quantum Smoke HD Baitcaster Fishing Reel

Quantum Smoke HD Heavy Duty Baitcaster Reel

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Product Description

New Quantum Smoke HD Heavy Duty Baitcaster Reels

The concept behind the Quantum Smoke HD Heavy Duty Baitcaster Reel for sale now, is that you get all the low profile, light weigh features but a whole lot more biff to tackle larger, more aggressive fish. The spool is now larger and the cranking handle is 5mm longer and this provides you with a few significant benefits.

Firstly, the spool capacity allows you to up the lure size and cast much further while retaining plenty of line on the spool. This is important, as the fish you will be chasing with your Quantum Smoke HD will be of a much bigger size. They are ideally suited to big Barramundi and big Murray Cod. You might fish the rivers for these predators but it is more likely you’ll be hitting the dams and impoundments.

Secondly, the extra-long cranking handle in the paddle configuration with EVA knobs, gives you plenty of leverage as you fight the more belligerent, uncooperative species, wrestling them to turn their heads. While only 5mm above standard, that actually equates to a whole lot more cranking power.

The Quantum Smoke HD Heavy Duty Baitcaster Reel can be deployed in any number of places. Sports anglers looking to go ultra-light on the blue water for species such as Queenfish and Trevally will have a ball with the new Quantum. Yes it is small for such demanding work as this, but if you had any doubts, the 25 pound of drag will make it clear, this Quantum, despite its diminutive size, is built for tackling large, aggressive fish, from both the salt and fresh. Quantum reels are taking a very strong foothold in Australia. The reason is simple, Quantum are doing it better and for a whole lot less outlay. This is a brilliant reel for the baitcaster enthusiast looking for a reel that is light and low yet strong enough to handle much bigger species.


Features and Specifications

ModelRight/LeftRatioWeight ApproxBearingsCapacity (lb/yds)
HD 200HPT Right 7.3:1 196 grams 6+1 12/180
HD 200SPT Right 6.6:1 196 grams 6+1 12/180
HD 200PPT Right 5.3:1 196 grams 6+1 12/180
HD 201HPT Left 7.3:1 196 grams 6+1 12/180
HD 201SPT Left 6.6:1 196 grams 6+1 12/180
  • Quantm Aluminium Frame (SCR), Aluminium Side cover and saltguard 2.0
  • Cast Control – able to be adjusted externally
  • Anti-Reverse: continuous
  • Ceramic worm gear
  • Zirconium pawl
  • Zero Friction pinion concept
  • Drag System: CSC2TM carbon fibre, ceramic and stainless
  • Titanium-nitride coated fishing line feeder guide
  • Aluminium PT main gear
  • Aluminium PT drive shaft
  • Handle Knobs: Large size EVA
  • 95mm handle (5 mm over standard)

Note: Images for illustration only – price is for 1 reel, select your preferred choice when ordering.

Fishing Applications and Fishing Rod Suggestion Guide

The baitcaster reels as the name suggests are heavy duty. Suited to heavier styles of inshore fishing such as tossing lures at Murray cod and barramundi. Also makes a great light offshore overhead for snapper and other reef fish. In terms of matching up a fishing rod suitable for this reel look for a bait caster style fishing rod with a rating of 8kgs+. We have quite a few for sale here at Fishing Tackle Shop on separate listings but if you can’t find one or need further advise get in contact with us and we will assist further.


  • Greater spool capacity for longer casts with bigger lures allowing plenty of line capacity left on the spool to fight your target.
  • Oversize handle with large EVA grips provides greater purchase for more aggressive cranking against larger prey.
  • The aluminium frame and cover keep the reel super light while offering incredible strength and corrosion resistance.
  • Cast control is easily accessed and easy to use. Ideal for changing your casting to suit lure weight and conditions
  • The Titanium-nitride coated line guide reduces friction allowing line to peel off smoothly, enhancing distance and accuracy, while protecting the line.
  • Heavy duty components allow anglers to chase a much bigger class of fish from both fresh and salt water.

The Quantum Smoke HD Heavy Duty Baitcaster Reel is built to last and built to perform. It truly is a heavy duty fishing reel in a small, lightweight body. Big brands beware, the Quantum is smoking hot and the new Quantum HD Baitcaster Fishing Reel is sure to garner a very loyal and enthusiastic band of followers.  We ship worldwide – Shop with us today.

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