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Quantum Hot Sauce Reel Lubricant

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Product Description

Quantum Hot Sauce Reel Oil and Reel Grease for Fishing Reel Maintenance

Take a look at your grandparents fishing kit and check out the old-school reels they were using back in the day. You might find an old Mitchell egg beater, and you’ll definitely find an Alvey, if they spent any time on the beach or rocks. What you will notice is that they are still in perfect working order. That’s because of regular, diligent maintenance.

With the internals of modern fishing reels resembling something from the NASA space program, not only has the maintenance requirement remained, as with the old-school reels, it’s probably increased significantly. High tech fishing gear requires strict and regular maintenance. You paid handsomely for your latest model, top shelf whatever reel, and you want it to last. Regular maintenance is essential and the critical component of reel maintenance is excellent lubricants.

Quantum Hot Sauce Reel Oil and fishing Reel Grease are the only Lubricants you will ever need. Both coming in .75 oz bottles, a little bit goes a heck of a long way. The manufacturers claim, and the reviews confirm, that if you use either or both products as part of your maintenance routine, your reel will perform better, and can last longer.

Many of those who have discovered the brilliant properties of Quantum Hot Sauce Reel Oil and Reel Grease apply them the moment they remove a brand-new reel from the box. Even a new reel will have improved performance with Hot Sauce application, and it makes complete sense to apply the best protection your reel can have, before its first deployment.

Quantum Hot Sauce Reel Oil and Reel Grease should be considered critical kit, put a couple of bottle of both in your shopping trolley now.

Features and Specifications

(Sold separate – choose either grease or oil when ordering)


  • .75 oz. Bottle
  • Enhances spool acceleration
  • Increases spool speed
  • Forms a permanent molecular bond
  • Suited for all freshwater and saltwater applications
  • Low-viscosity


  • .75 oz. Tube
  • Formulated with super-low friction polymers
  • Hydrophobic formula
  • Suited for all freshwater and saltwater applications
  • Ensures optimum performance for the life of you reel


  • The Grease stays put on the places you apply it and doesn’t find its way on to components you wish to remain grease free.
  • Both Grease and Oil as part of a regular maintenance routine extend the working life of your fishing reel indefinitely.
  • Brilliant for all types of fishing reels whether salt or fresh water based.
  • For those that use overhead and baitcaster style reels, Hot Sauce reel oil can increase casting distances.
  • The red colour provides and indicator of where the lubricants have been applied, making it easier to avoid missing places and avoid overshot.
  • As only very small quantities need to be used for effective coverage Hot Sauce is ultimately cost efficient.

Do yourself and favour; jump on line and check the Quantum Hot Sauce reviews found across the internet. Anglers across the world, pro and recreational, swear by the benefits of Hot Sauce. Most state they will never use a different brand of Lubricant again. Grab yours now!

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