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Pakula Witchdoctor Teaser

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Product Description

Pakula Witchdoctor Teaser

Peter Pakula’s Witchdoctor is certainly not new to the experience blue water angler. The anglers that troll regularly have a fish exciter or two in their arsenal and there is a very good chance they use a Witchdoctor. In short, the industry recognises that the Witchdoctor, originally developed back in the late 60’s, as the leading fish exciter on the market. At well over 40 years as a top seller, little more evidence is required. If you troll lures and baits, and you want to troll successfully, you need to encourage the fish to the lure. Even the best, most attractive lures and dead baits are limited in their ability to call on the fish from a distance. The size, reflective power and irresistible vibrations created by the Witchdoctor, is a booming “calling all fish” that our biggest blue water species simply cannot leave alone.

The original construction method was all about unbreakable strength. This came with inherent problems. The heavy timer construction was prone to causing boat damage, tearing cleats from the back of boats, injuring anglers and damaging expensive kit such as game seats. Still however, because the Witchdoctor was so amazingly successful at turn an empty run into a burgeoning aquarium, boaties always persisted because it virtually guaranteed fish.

The latest model has revised this ultra-heavy duty principle and changed the core construction component from timber to Polyurethane Foam. The attached reflective hardware and screws have all been recessed, so there are no serious edges to catch on expensive boat finishes and fittings. Importantly, the Witchdoctor now has a 100kg failsafe. If it gets attacked by a fish for example, it will break before any of your cleats or boat fittings break. It will cause far less damage to props should it accidently end up in contact with props.

For the Trolling angler, fish exciters are fundamental kit. You’re crazy to head out without one. The new improved Pakula Witchdoctor is claimed by the industry as the best there is. Grab a Witchdoctor and put it in your basket. Without it, it could be an expensive run, with nothing to show back at the wharf.

Features and Specifications

  • Witchdoctors are now made from Polyurethane foam
  • The Stainless Steel mirrors and screws have been recessed
  • Witchdoctors are now made to withstand around 100kg max
  • The Witchdoctor comes complete with Tow Cord and Carry Bag
  • Easy clean. Washes in warm soapy water and lasts for a very long time


  • The key benefit is that it is proven to bring all game species to you. The noise and reflection brings in the big game species and excites them to go on the chew.
  • The new 100kg rating is an ideal safety mechanism that prevents damage to boats, boat components and injury to users.
  • The Foam construction makes the new Witchdoctor far easier and lighter to handle and transport.
  • Considering some of the complications of trolling, the Pakula witchdoctor is very easy to use. Deployment is straight forward so too is retrieval.

It’s simple. If you troll, you really need to have a Pakula Witchdoctor Teaser in your boat. A Baron sea will come alive once it is deployed. The Witchdoctor can turn a slow day into an incredible purple patch.


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