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Lucky Craft Keroll Bug Lure

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Product Description

Lucky Craft Keroll bug lure 45mm

The Sound of Summer signals superlative surface satisfaction with the 45mm Luck Craft Keroll Bug. The Keroll Bug makes more noise and commotion on the top water than a performing Dolphin in a theme park. Fish are drawn from all over pond to assess the dinner potential invariably like what that see and acting on instinct. Bite it first and ask questions later. The shape of the nose is where the action begins. It’s a cup shape not unlike a popper spitting water out in front of it. The profile however is more like that of a bug and may even be mistaken for a frog.

Cast your Keroll bug fishing lure at Barramundi, Yellow Belly, Saratoga and Murray cod but for the real prize, head to your favourite Bass haunt as your Keroll Bug is well known to attract the big end of the species (as these are a big lure for bass). At 45mm and 10 grams you will be fishing pretty light-medium style. It’s well worth having your wits about you as bigger fish are renowned for hitting the surface with a vengeance and will drag you back to cover while you reel screams and you wonder what has just hit you.

Bugs are perfect for the summer months as the top water becomes host to Cicadas and the like, providing easy meals for all and sundry. Get your Keroll Bug as close to the structure as you dare. This is where the monsters lay in wait and the splash of your bug, so close to its zone will often spark a reactionary attack, based more on reflex than genuine predatory behaviour. The Barra is a classic for this, so get underneath the overhanging branches and be prepared for a very heavy hit.

There are a few fish attracting colours on our listing from which to choose (price is for 1 only). A selection in your kit will keep you covered for all locations and situations. The 45mm Lucky Craft Keroll bug will get you great surface action all year round but is in its element come the warmer months.

Features and Specifications

  • Length: 45mm
  • Weight: 10 gms
  • Buoyancy: Floating
  • Depth: Top water surface fishing lure
  • Profile: Cicada / frog / mouse
  • Target: Primarily yellowbelly, other species of larger perch, saratoga, sooty grunter, murray cod and barramundi are ideal targets.

Note: Image for reference only. Price is for 1 lure, make your choice when ordering from our menu


  • The cupped nose creates an awesome splash and a heap of noise drawing in predators from a significant distance.
  • As the lure is a floating lure, you can work it effectively across snags and weed beds keeping it free from fowl up in most instances.
  • At 10 grams you can afford to fish a touch heavier to cover bigger fish knowing that the action will not be impacted at all.

If you intend to hit the surface for some great top water thrills, make sure you do it with a 45mm Lucky Craft Keroll bug fishing lure. The hits will be spectacular and there is a high chance a trophy fish will be batting at the end of your line. Put a couple in your basket and restock for summer.

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