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Kingfisher Mantis Lures

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Product Description

Kingfisher Mantis Lures Barra & Murray Cod Surface Lure – Mantis 88, 110 or Mantis 120 size For Sale

IMPORTANT NOTICE (Kingfisher are going through some new colour pattern changes on the 120 size only - there could be a little difference on the 120 size from that shown in image)

There’s nothing more exciting than hearing and seeing an explosive surface strike from a Murray Cod or metre long Barra. Over the years the popularity of fishing surface has increased dramatically, not just because the technique works so well, but just the sheer excitement and rush an angler receives when a fish hits a lure on the surface. To begin, you need a surface lure designed to tackle the task. That’s where the Kingfisher mantis lure comes in.

We have available for sale three different models to choose from. The Kingfisher Mantis 88, the 110 or the Mantis Barra 120 lure. So, what are the differences? Well even though both are equally as good at attracting murray cod or barramundi on surface the mantis 88 and 110 model is a jointed bug bait measuring 88mm and 110mm respectively and the Kingfisher Mantis 120 measures 120mm but is a single non-jointed body lure. Both lure styles are surface crawler baits that wobble side to side when retrieved and emit some impressive sound. The Mantis 88 and 110 however puts out an additional fish attracting sound due to the jointed body which clacks upon retrieve.

Top water crawler style cod lures such as Kingfisher Mantis Lures mimic natural food sources such as a small bird that is injured, a cicada, moth, butterfly or any other large insect or small rodent that has found its self in the water by any unfortunate circumstance. Top water crawler lures are ideal for fishing over snags and weed beds. As they are a surface lure which float on the waters surface they are much less likely to get fouled compared to using other cod lures such as spinnerbaits, divers, wake baits or swimbaits.

Features and Specifications

  • Kingfisher Mantis Lure (choose from model 88/88mm jointed, 110/110mm jointed bait or 120/120mm non-jointed bait)
  • Ideal for barramundi or murray cod
  • Surface lure
  • 2 trebble hooks
  • Made in Australia
  • Action: Surface water crawler

Note: Images for illustration only – Price is for 1 single lure and price varies depending on which size you choose to purchase from us. Choose which model and colour you wish to purchase when ordering. Hook colours can vary

Additionally, please note that price varies depending on which model you choose to purchase. The jointed lures are more labor intensive to make so come out a little dearer than the 120 model.

Which size lure should I choose?

The Kingfisher Mantis 88 Lure is the perfect size when fishing for cod and barra in creeks and small narrower river systems. You could also use the mantis 88 to chase large Australian bass as well. Traditionally bass anglers love smaller lures however there are some fans out there that like to fish with larger lures for bass and the mantis 88 is well worth considering.

Mantis 110mm size is ideal for perch, barra and murray cod suitable for narrow river systems through to open water dams and impoundments.

The Kingfisher Mantis 120 lure is ideal for larger bodies of water such as lakes and dams to target both barramundi and murray cod. Larger lures typically cast further and are better at attracting fish from longer distances. However, in saying this if you are chasing larger fish in creek and river systems it’s also worth positioning a mantis 120 in your top water lure kit.


  • Designed and made in Australia – These lures are specifically designed by Australian fisherman that fish for cod and barra. They have a fine-tuned the action specifically for targeting these mighty and powerful freshwater fish.
  • Quality hardware is included to help with the longevity of your lure.
  • Noisy lure action for better fish attraction.
  • Action emitted represents natural food source for Cod and Barramundi.

If you are looking for one of the best murray cod surface lures or barra lure then make sure you consider Kingfisher mantis lures. For Sale now and we deliver worldwide.

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