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Kingfisher Abela Lure

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Kingfisher Abela Lure - Barra and Murray Cod Surface Lure

There’s nothing quite like creating mayhem on the surface. Remember, outrageous surface action is not reserved for the offshore realms. It’s well and truly available inshore, and well upriver for that matter. All you need is the right lure, and then spectacular splashing and breaches are common.

The Kingfisher Abela V2 Jointed Walker Fishing Lure, for sale now, is just the fishing lure to invite explosive surface action with the likes of massive Murray Cod and Big Barra. The articulations and that massive bib indicates the Kingfisher Abela Lure will cause such a stir when worked aggressively on the surface that no Barra or Cod will be able to leave it alone.

Murray Cod are specialised surface hunters. They’re predatory, opportunist as well as calculated killers. Barra demonstrates similar qualities, with the added trait of having a propensity to snap at things that pass by purely because it has annoyed them by entering their hangout.

The Kingfisher Abela Lure is incredibly strong. It must be, as its primary design brief was that it can take on big Barra and cod. Two, belly-mounted trebles are standard, with a position on the tail for a third. Emphasis is clearly on strong. Super strong hooks, a solid timber body and rings that an elephant or a fish will struggle with. All hardware is up to the most challenging battles.

At 165mm-220mmit, it presents a big meal, even for the largest predatory specimens. At approximately 70-85 grams, you’re provided with plenty of casting distance. Importantly, this sort of weight will allow you to comfortably fish a little heavier.

Walk the surface noisily. Let the locals know you’re there. While both species tend to lay and wait, they’ll get off their butts for this sort of commotion. They’ll know it’s a sure feed, so resistance is futile. Expect a very heavy, aggressive hit. Hold your nerve and let the fish and Kingfisher Abela Lure take care of business before you lash out in a wild strike.

Fish the rivers, estuaries and impoundments. The deeper subsurface snags hold your prey, and they’re looking up to the surface, waiting for your well-cast Kingfisher.

The Kingfisher Abela Lure is Australian-made and well beyond the top shelf. Save up and grab a few colours. Your wallet might hurt, but don’t let a little cash get in the way of a record catch.

Features and Specifications

  • Model: Kingfisher Abela Lure
  • Primary Use/Target: Barramundi and Murray Cod Surface Lure
  • Body: Made from timber
  • Length/Weight: 220mm (approx 85 grams) or 160mm (approx 70 grams)
  • Type: Jointed, surface walker
  • Depth: Surface
  • Hooks: 2 x trebles. Pre-rigged
  • Buoyancy: Floating

Images are for illustration only. Due to the lures being hand-made and painted, they can often vary from our images. Please understand this before making your order.


  • The huge bib displaces plenty of water and makes a heck of a noise, giving it some serious evening fishing credentials.
  • The tow point on the tail for a third treble allows for a more secure hook-up configuration.
  • The size of the kingfisher provides you access to big targets without excluding other fish
  • At 70-85 grams, depending on the model you choose, you can fish a heavier class and still cast a prodigious distance.

The Kingfisher Abela Lure, for sale now, is made in Australia, with local knowledge, and for the express purpose of catching Australia’s most Iconic fish. It costs a little more than your average lure, but average, this lure is not!


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