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Juro Firebait Longtail Minnow

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Product Description

Juro Firebait long tail minnow (Packet of 8 Lures)

Juro Firebait long tail minnow is a fantastic soft plastic estuary size fishing lure that represents excellent value. They’re designed with the Australian market in mind with the lures designed to mimic common Aussie bait fish. These guys are a dead set special for Bream, with Bream enthusiasts swearing by their capacity to draw in larger examples of our favorite sport and table fish. The Ubiquitous Bream, it should be remembered, whilst light in class is pound for pound one of our toughest fighters. Their distribution is amazing and the reason they are so popular. They have a lot of product manufactured specifically for targeting these great little fighters but the Juro Firebait has to be up there as one of the more successful Bream lures for sale.

At 8cm the Juro Firebait long tail minnow is a fantastic size. With a selection of well-considered jig heads, there are few location that won’t see these guys work brilliantly. Depending on where you are fishing in the water column you will also attract the predatory eye of a flathead as well. Vary your retrieve technique to work out what suits your location and change colours if need be. The key is experiment. Consider all the inputs of weather current tide and target and rig your Juro Firebait long tail minnow accordingly. They are very simple to work to peak.

They are a great idea for the fresh as well. Bass are incredibly aggressive and they will hammer a Juro Firebait long tail minnow if it comes with in kooee. Fish the snags, racks, submerged trees and structure. Just keep casting, it won’t take long before your target simply can’t resist. The Juro Firebait long tail minnow comes in value packs of 8 lures. Grab a pack or a few packs now.

Features and Specifications

  • 8cm in length
  • 1 Packet of 8 Lures
  • Split Tail
  • Life like eyes
  • Ideal for saltwater and freshwater fishing
  • Target species include, Bream, Bass, Perch, Flathead and a host of other estuary type fish species.
  • Recommended Jig head size (not included) #1 to 1/0 hook

Note: Images for illustration only. Price is for 1 packet only. Order the colour you require from our menu.


  • The life like eyes create fantastic realism. Your target won’t think twice.
  • Proven tournament competitor. These lures work.
  • A total Bream magnet but excellent for a range of species both salt water and fresh.
  • The 8 pack represents outstanding value for the thrifty angler.

The Juro Firebait long tail minnow is a quality plastic at a fantastic price. Proven under tournament conditions, you know you are getting a lure that works. Grab a few packs in a selection of colours. The Juro Firebait long tail minnow is for 

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