Juro Surf Poppers (Packet of 2)

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Juro Surf Poppers Ideal for use with your Beach Fishing Rigs

The Juro Surf Popper is not your average Popper. Forget everything you have ever learned about working a lure because the Juro, as far as lures go, is something quite unique. Firstly, the best rig for a Juro Surf Popper is a paternoster. Yes, we said paternoster. Now pick yourself off the floor and read on. The second jaw dropping revelation is that once you cast your extraordinary, if not magic, surf popper, place your rod in your rod holder. Again, we can see the astonishment on your face. You don’t have to work your Juro Surf Popper, the waves, tide, lateral sweep and current take care of that for you.

The concept is kind of simple really. The attractive design is attractive to fish and jumps about in the action of the surf with its feathers and bright colours in order to attract the attention of a passing Aussie Salmon or Tailor. Dart will also take significant interest in your Juro surf popper. For those fishing further in the north, you will also get the attention of certain species of Mackerel that are known to enjoy a surfside hunt.

Rigging with a paternoster also allows for attaching multiple hooks. Hedge your bets and bait up a pilchard and/or pipi to accompany your surf poppers out into the breakers. Fish like Tailor and Salmon are total suckers for a pretty, flashy or shiny thing jumping about in the water. They get into such a frenzy, particularly working bait fish in a gutter that they will, just about always, bite first and ask questions later. This is great for us and our haul tally. Juro surf poppers on your beach fishing rig will add a new dimension to your surf fishing. Available in Blue/White or Red/White it is the sort of lure every beach angler should have a selection of in their kit to try out in all conditions. The Juro Surf Popper is incredibly effective, proven, and for sale now. Grab a few and expect to hook in to some serious fish next time you pop one on your beach fishing rigs

Features and Specifications

  • Colours: When ordering choose from Red/White or Blue/White
  • Hooks: 1
  • Qty Per Pack (2 poppers)


  • You’ll clean up on great surf fish such as Tailor and Aussie Salmon.
  • The lure does not have to be worked by the angler.
  • Enjoy a massive reduction in the fatigue that is often part and parcel of casting lures on the beach. Simply set in your rod holder.
  • Can be fished alone or with other baited hooks on the same rig.

Juro Surf Poppers are a fantastic idea. Don’t worry that it may seem counterintuitive and contrary to everything we know about ‘working’ lures. These guys work and work well and, what’s more, with a fraction of the effort required for regular lures. Get some in your basket now.


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