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Jarvis Walker Battery Operated Airpump

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Product Description

Jarvis Walker Battery Operated Aerator Air Pump

While the lure anglers might argue the point, there is nothing better than fishing with live bait. After all, this is what fish eat. They eat other live creatures. It only stands to reason, if you fish with the general menu of the average fish, you will achieve better results.

To help ensure your collected live baits actually stay alive, you will need a Jarvis Walker Battery Operated Aerator. While you can replenish the oxygen in your live bait bucket by changing water frequently, it quickly becomes a hassle. Baits are lost, and, if you have many baits, the frequency of water changes simply becomes impractical, particularly if you are fishing from a high jetty or rock shelf with poor access to the water.

The Jarvis Walker Battery Operated Aerator makes the process simple and will help to keep your baits alive for sometimes hours on end, until the unused baits can be returned to the environment. If it’s alive, and extracts oxygen from the water, it will need the water replenished with oxygen. Pipis, Prawns, Nippers, Yakka, Poddy Mullet and the like, all require oxygenated water.

The 2-speed option on the Jarvis Walker is great for managing power. If you have only a few baits, keep the power down for battery life. When you have many baits, you will require a greater flow of oxygen, so crank the level up. It’s always a good idea to carry spare batteries.

For little more than the price of a plastic bucket, the Jarvis Walker Battery Operated Aerator will be a brilliant addition to your live bait kit. Remember, if you want to catch massive Whiting, use live Nippers. Want to Catch Massive Mulloway, use live Poddy Mullet. Want a record-breaking Yellowtail King fish? Use a decent size Yakka, it must be a live one though! Help Keep it alive with the Jarvis Walker Battery Operated Aerator, for sale now.

Features and Specifications

  • Can assist in helping to keep live bait alive
  • omplete with hose
  • Airpump  airstone supplied
  • 2 speed option for power and air supply management
  • Batteries not included


  • Fish and Crustacean will not survive in a bucket for long at all without oxygen replenishment. With the aerator, your bait will be more likely to remain alive for hours. Unused baits can be returned to the environment.
  • The two-speed option allows you to save power when there are few fish in the bucket, or to crank it up when there are many baits draining the oxygen.

Any live bait angler should consider the Jarvis Walker Battery Operated Aerator essential kit. If your bait dies, it’s no longer live baiting, is it! Fish prefer their meals alive and kicking. This is their natural diet. Keep all your baits alive to ensure you maximise your chances of the catch of a life time. Purchase a battery operated air pump here. We deliver worldwide.

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