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Jarvis Walker Barrel Sinkers

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Jarvis Walker Barrel Sinkers - Packet

A sinker is a heck of a lot more than a lump of led you tie to your line to sink your bait. There are different shapes and styles for a reason. A little sinker knowledge and consideration can have a big impact on your fishing. Ultimately, knowing what sinker where and when can increase your catch and even turn a no fish day into a serious purple patch.

The Jarvis Walker Barrel Sinker has a number of key benefits, the first of which is casting. The slim line shape provides a longer cast than a ball sinker. Handy when the strike zone is some distance from you. When fishing the sand and mud in heavy current or waves, the barrel shape will also hold your bait in position better than a bean or ball. The combination of casting and holding make it an ideal choice for the surf.

The barrel sinker has another great benefit for when a school of Tailor, Bonito, Salmon or Mackerel show up. They easily convert to a spinner. Many anglers use reflective paint and other materials and some even just paint them plain white, preparing them in advance for such an occurrence. In the heat of the moment, no such value add is required simply run a barrel to your hook, a treble if available, and cast at the school be it bonito, salmon, tailor, mackerel or whatever else is swimming past, you will be astonished at the results.

The Barrel sinker is also handy for keeping some types of lures down when trolling and makes the ideal shape for managing the buoyancy of a float rig when fishing for Luderick and the like.

Why not grab a variety of Jarvis Walker Barrel Sinkers for sale now and make sure your prepared for all conditions.

Features and Specifications

SizePcs in a packet
Size 0 12
Size 1 9
Size 2 7
Size 3 7
Size 4 4
Size 5 3


  • Great shape for casting the proverbial mile
  • Holds the sand and mud in heavy waves and currents
  • Can be quickly turned into a spinner style lure if you have appropriate hardware
  • Great pack size options for optimum value
  • A great sinker for managing float buoyancy

Note: Images for illustration only. Qty in a packet depends on the size you order (refer to above table) price is for 1 packet only. Choose the size you require when making your order.

Fishing with the correct sinker makes a big difference to the success of your session. Grab a packet or buy yourself a selection of Jarvis Walker Barrel Sinkers for sale now and be prepared for all conditions and whatever species that shows up looking for a feed.


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