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Jarvis Walker Fish Gripper

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Jarvis Walker Fish Gripper-

While they might look like a vicious set of scissors, they’re not. The Jarvis Walker Fish Gripper-for sale now at the fishing tackle shop, can save you from nasty spike wounds from grumpy fish.

If you’ve ever had a flathead spike in the hand, leg, arm, or wherever, you’ll know that they can make for a harrowing day on the water.

Let’s face it, who hasn’t had received a puncture wound from this famous Aussie fishing icon. While there are plenty of techniques for handling the belligerent flathead, the best method is to keep your flesh, away from its spikes.

Of course, the lip grip is standard, but even then, gripping the teeth of a large flathead while your fingers are wet draws blood, and we don’t mean the flatheads blood.

The Jarvis walker fish gripper design consists of an ergonomic handle and gripping blades that allow you to safely handle your catch while avoiding the spikes of a fish on edge.

So often we feel like we have a comfortable grip on the fish, only for it to flap about in desperation, inevitably spiking us in the process as we struggle to regain control. On the bad days, not only will we get spiked, but we’ll drop the fish back in the water. Have you lost a prize fish like this?

Yes, we’re banging on a lot about flathead, but we sell countless numbers of Jarvis Walker fish grippers and it is usually to flathead anglers sick to death being a pin cushion. Do away with this situation altogether, and with all fish, with the Jarvis Walker Fish Gripper.

Learning to handle fish is an essential skill for fishing. We don’t want to damage ourselves or the fish, mainly when we are releasing our catch. So learning how to incorporate a fish handling device will help you become the complete angler.

The handy Jarvis Walker Fish Gripper-will make handling pan size fish an absolute breeze, and you can say goodbye to the flathead puncture wounds forever. Remember, most fish have spines of some sort, and frequently we manage to stick ourselves, resulting in a bloody painful mess.

Ensuring your blood remains inside you is a good rule of thumb for a prolonged pain-free fishing session. Don’t bleed for the grumpy old flatty, grab a set of Jarvis Walker Fish Grippers and even up the playing field.

Features and Specifications

  • Galvanised steel finish
  • Ergonomic grip with durable plastic handle
  • Compact size that will fit in most fishing kits
  • Brand: Jarvis Walker
  • Ideal for gripping flathead


  • Allows you to handle fish without being stuck by fins and spikes.
  • The Jarvis Walker Fish Gripper is a brilliant tool for managing flathead.
  • Will hang from your belt, on places in your boat or sit inside your pocket for easy access.
  • Allows you to comfortably remove hooks from fish without the risk of being spiked.

The Jarvis Walker Fish Gripper-is for sale now, and it’s a must-have for the keen flathead angler. Avoid spikes and handling mishaps with all your pan-sized targets. Put a Jarvis Walker Fish Gripper in your trolley now, and bleed no more.


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