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Jackall Chubby Fishing Lures Shallow

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Product Description

Jackall Chubby Shallow Fishing Lures

The Jackall Chubby Fishing Lure is considered one of the most popular bream Fishing lures to hit the Australian Bream fishing scene. The Jackall Chubby Fishing Lure has many tournament wins under its belt including the ABT rounds making this lure a must for anyone who targets Bream.

The Jackall Chubby Fishing Lure Shallow Model is a crank bait that dives to the 1 metre level and is available in a vast range of attractive colours all proven to be successful colour patterns tested by ABT champion angler Harry Watson. The Jackall Chubby lure’s small size is irresistible to a vast range of estuary and freshwater fish. Jackall Chubby Shallow lures swim with a wide, tight action that yells for attention.

The Jackall Chubby Shallow fishing lures can be slow rolled over weed beds or you can jerk them along structure, Jackall Chubby lures are the master at luring prize fish.

The Jackall Chubby fishing lure also has its place on the Bass scene and has proven to be one of the best Bass lures on the market. They will also work for a wide range of other estuary fish species such as Perch and Flathead, Mangrove jack, JP and more.

So if your chasing that trophy Bream in an important tournament or just having a Sunday flick the Jackall Chubby is a lure you can’t go past! High Quality hooks and rings are included so just tie it on and get spinning!

Features and Specifications

  • Lure length is 38 mm
  • Lure weight 4.3 grams
  • Jackall Chubby Shallow dives from 0.5 to 1 meter depending on retrieve style and speed
  • Buoyancy is floating
  • Available in a huge fantastic and proven colour range
  • Irresistible rattle
  • Quality trebles and split rings


  • The Jackall Chubby Lure is so successful on the tournament scene you know you’re buying a lure that sincerely works and has a quality of high standard.
  • The Jackall Chubby Fishing Lure Shallow is the perfect bite size for Bream and most other estuary and freshwater species and the exciting colour range means there is a colour to suit any scenario.
  • The Jackall Chubby Lure with its irresistible action and rattle will secure your catch with its high quality sharp trebles and strong split rings

If fishing shallow water ways with the Jackall Chubby Shallow you can simply pause and let the lure float towards the surface due to its floating buoyancy allowing you to prevent snagging and work over snags. By holding the rod tip high you have yourself a surface crawler! See why the pros rely on this lure to win tournaments and give the Jackall chubby fishing lure a cast yourself!

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