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Hurricane Spider Crab Lures or Jigheads

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Product Description

Hurricane Spider Crab Lures or Jig Heads For Sale

These guys have to be seen to be believed. It doesn’t get any closer to real life than the action of the Hurricane Spider Crab Lures. Floating, or weighted with the lure specific Jig heads (sold separately) you will not get a better a better Crab Lure. These Fishing Lures are a Bream special, but there are several fish that have crab has a regular part of their feeding menu. Hit protected areas on the Ocean rocks for huge Bream and expect plenty of interest from other fish that reside there aswell.

Hurricane Spider Crab Lures and Jig Heads are hands down top shelf and you will find that they are priced accordingly. Whatever you do don’t be deterred. Without these crabs in your fishing lure kit you will likely miss some of the best results you’ve ever had on the water. There are benefits to making the investment. Firstly, you’ll get plenty of outstanding fish. Secondly, construction is second to none with materials incredibly durable. Constructed from Flexitech Plastics, these lures are ten times stronger than the materials used in other soft plastic fishing lures. You’ll get plenty of fish and countless casts out of every lure. This represents great value.

Fitting the Spider Crab Jig Heads requires the use of a super glue gel that doesn’t spoil the plastic. After significant testing, the manufacturer recommends Loctite Gel Control for fixing Jig Heads to Lures. It won’t come unstuck. Allow time for accurate placement before setting and will have no negative impact on the integrity and appearance of the lure.

Take it from the Peter Nord the brains behind this amazing crab lure and from other Bream experts. The Hurricane Spider Crab Lures for sale now are worth the effort and worth every penny. Grab a pack or two now.

Features and Specifications

  • Hurricane Spider Crabs are sold in a Packet of 4 lures (jig heads which are sold separate on this listing also come in a packet of 4).
  • Crab Lure Colours in Natural styles and colours
  • Natural crab action
  • Hurricane Spider Crab Lure floats when unweighted
  • Claws float in a natural position weighted or unweighted
  • Constructed from Flexitech Plastics, 10 times stronger than standard soft plastics material
  • Ideal for bream, flathead and a huge variety of other fish in lakes and rivers, beach gutters and off the rocks.

Notes: Prices of the lures and jig heads vary Price is for 1 packet only and lures and jig heads are not sold as a combo, they are priced separately and you can order them from our order menu above.


  • The brilliant imitation of a real crab ensures the fish attack Hurricane Spider Crab Lures aggressively.
  • The ability to use weighted or unweighted provides the angler with flexibility and options.
  • Durable construction materials ensure you keep your lure for countless casts.

For those anglers who enjoy fishing with crab baits, you now have the perfect imitation available that is shore to yield astonishing results. The Hurricane Spider Crab Lures and Jig Heads are your fast track to crab bait glory. Grab a selection now.

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