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Cranka Crab Lures

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Product Description

Cranka Crabs by Cranka Lures

Heads up Bream specialists, Cranka crab are now for sale and you’re going to want one like so many other anglers. But let’s not relegate these little gems to the Bream boys and girls. Think of the species that love a crab or two for breakfast. Yes, Flathead, Snapper and of course Whiting, they all love a little cranka crab action. Now you can save yourself the countless hours hunting the rock holes and crevices, the sand and mud flats for these determined little critters. This time is better spent with your line wet. Now you can do it with the introduction of Cranka Crabs for sale. This fantastic new crab fishing lure is extremely life like. As you rig it up you will be sure it’s going to nip you. No need to recoil, it’s fake but the fish won’t have a clue. It looks like any other crab meal. They are available in one size, two weights and several different shell colours. What’s more, it even has an internal scent chamber to add your favourite fishing attractant scent.

This Australian owned and designed crab lure is already an award winner. It comes complete, ready rigged with DECOY Y-S25 trebles. You will notice how beautifully the trebles are connected to the lure. Sitting on the nippers, the trebles are in the perfect strike zone as the floating arms put the cranka crab fishing lure into a natural defence position. 10 years of research and development have finally provided us with the ultimate crab lure.

Features and Specifications

  • Slow, natural sink rate
  • Real crab look, with several realistic body colours to choose from when ordering
  • Snag resistance
  • Available in 3.9g, 5.9g or 9.5 grams to choose from when ordering
  • Easily replicable soft plastic legs
  • 18mm across the shell (23mm on the 9.5g size)
  • Internal scent chamber

Note: Images for reference only – Price is for 1 lure only. Make your selection when ordering.



  • Internal scent chamber means that not only do they look like crabs, you can make them smell too.
  • By using a Cranka Crab lure, you can leave the real crabs in their natural environment to uphold their part in the natural ecosystem.
  • The colour range allows you to match your lure colours to the crab colours of the area you are fishing. Just pick your preferred option from our range of cranka crab for sale.
  • The Cranka Crab is extremely snag resistant meaning you save money.
  • Soft legs and claws can be replaced, a further saving.
  • Proven in the water. Fish love the Cranka Crab including bream, flathead, whiting, estuary perch and more.
  • The lure is amazingly life like.
  • More time spent fishing as opposed to hunting for crabs.
  • 10 years of research and development means this Aussie design is one well considered product. The Cranka Crab even won a best of show award at the AFTA Trade Show.

Catching and baiting live crabs can be one hell of a tricky job. We persist with it however because there are a number of species, Bream and flathead, in particular that love a feed of crab. It’s a fabulous bait. Now we can leave the live ones on the rocks. The Cranka crab gives us the perfect representation of a crab both in and out of the water. We’ve been waiting for this for quite some years. It’s here. Get yourself a selection of colours and catch yourself a selection of fish. Leave the live crabs on the rocks and grab yourself one of our Cranka crabs for sale.



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